NWN-EE w/ CEP & PRC Question

I’m missing something here. I really want to use PRC with CEP, and followed the suggestion to implement PRC with my module that I may as well spin up a new module as it’s very difficult to merge PRC into an existing module without breaking/changing a bunch of scripts.

Created the new module, setup CEP custom content, and saved. Ran the PRC installer on the module. Boom it’s all set. I can test it and create any new PRC character class. perfect!

My palette is blank in the toolset, so I need to import the CEP erfs. I import those and when I test my module after, all the custom classes from PRC are blank on the new character screen.

Are there other ERF files to import for CEP/PRC? And I shouldn’t just be imporitng the CEP ERF files?

You need to ask the PRC team on one of their support channels.

Sadly, I’m told they don’t monitor the Vault much.

Last time I looked at the PRC Vault page it recommended the PRC forum or PRC Discord.

Neither the CEP 2 nor the CEP 3 team can help you, for the simple reason that PRC is an overlay on CEP, and only the PRC team knows how it works.

Thanks, I’ll post over there. Seemed a bit inactive so I thought I’d try here first.

Figured I’d post my solution here in case someone else searches for this.

When using CEP and PRC you need to also use the merge HAK and TLK files. I think initially these manually needed to be created, but they have since uploaded them for download.

The merge hak goes to the very top of custom content list, and set the new TLK in its field.


Interesting. The latest CEP is 2.68 now, but I guess PRC will catch up at some point.