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Will the NWN Enhanced Edition actually have the enhancements that we really want? Namely the soft coding of feats, spells, the leveling screen, the levels, etc. Anything that was hardcoded and caused frustration for modders should be soft coded.

Having it implemented in 3.5 edition would be good too.

You can check out the EE roadmap here. If you look it over, you can see there’s some longer-term stuff in-progress, let alone further down the road (like :hocho:UI). So as far as modding community goes, there’s some pretty cool stuff already out, even if the details are still in progress… but more, later.

Release-wise, I interpret it as a “does exactly what it says on the tin” type of release - a remaster of a very old game to work on modern systems and resolutions, with bug fixes, performance improvements, translations, filtery shaders and a whole bunch of fan-made content you can check out for free along with continued patches and support for years to come. (And some BD-made overrides of original assets!) … Which I think tends to be forgotten about, foundation work-wise, as less sexy than the stuff that comes after it actually is working and being patched for people own it :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s an input board here where you can register and show your interest in different commonly requested features to call attention to it, though it’s also a place where you can see how people have pretty different ideas of “what we really want” or impressions of what would be a minimum to do. (:dart:just make it 3.5:dart:) I’m pretty sure everyone is in agreement on wanting things un-hardcoded, but it’s not a switch buried in the source that you just need to flip to the off setting, hehe, so different things get tangled together. A lot of pet requests might run face-first into UI, for example.

Anyway, all I mean is that NWN-lovers are in exciting times! Return of live team and master server, shader support, fancymaps, area instancing, new ini settings, docker images of nwserver+nwnx like ye old NWNiaB, Steam Workshop support and NAT punching, trying not to even hope too loudly about some manner of scriptable UI down the road… aside from, you know, all that initial stuff on the various platforms handwave

But still a lot of work ahead on that front to see a lot of that realized (plus time for modding community to take advantage of it), so if you own a half-dozen copies of 1.69 or play in/run a PW that’ll be a long while in migrating or any number of invested “but what have you done for me lately” scenarios, I’m guessing you’re going to be harder to convince to drop another $20 immediately (because I have faith it will happen in time :wink: ), unless it is to help support/direct future development, because it’s in the “continued patches and support for years to come” that things lifers are most interested in will continue to uncold wtf? …unfold.

(So, yeah. Do that thing.)

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