NWN Explorer for EE

I hate making a forum topic for such a simple question, but Google seems to be going downhill lately and my searches on the Neverwinter Vault website and Beamdog forums turned up dry. If the NWN Explorer hasn’t been updated to work with the EE, is there at least a file of the vanilla icons available?

You might want to look at these. With the possible exception of portraits I don’t think BD has changed or updated any of them.


NWNExplorer does work with EE. See my comment on that page.

Thanks, that should be everything I need :slight_smile:

Thanks, but the File menu in NWN Explorer is broken and I’m not making a Dropbox account. I kind of expected it to be available on this site. Hopefully I won’t need it though with the resources being available here themselves.

@Cleitanious Not sure I understand - the Open button is a big shiny icon in NWNExplorer - File menu not required.

Although EE hasn’t changed many resources yet - and many (all?) of those are in override - it must surely be best practice to go directly to the EE source, because one day it probably will be different.

Open Button isn’t enabled. NWN isn’t located by default and the file menu crashes the program.

I may need some more help with this. I’m going to make new weapon parts and placeable variations. Hopefully I can accomplish this with the assets download linked above.
I’m assuming that I can copy. mdl files and with a text editor have them point to new textures.

Something is very wrong if the open button is greyed out.

Try reinstalling.

It is true that NWN EE is not located by default - that’s the reason for copying the key file and then opening it with the open button (not the file menu).

Once set up, using the open button on the key file gives you a complete view of all the resources, like you get by default with 1.69.

I get an error exporting file when I try to export anything using EE

Do you mean when exporting from NWNExplorer? Did you get the Open button working?

Or some other kind of export? Any error message?

The open button works and I can browse the different directories but the export function returns an error. It says an error. That’s the error. I’ll try to get a picture of it.

Furthermore, nwnmdlcomp.exe doesnt work with the Beamdog version of NWN EE either.

It didn’t entirely work with 1.69 either. Compiling my glowing rats models stripped the glow from them. I now just stick with uncompiled models. I think most people have the room these days anyway.


Yeah that’s just what I’m going to do. I noticed some of the projects released by other players were using uncompiled models as well.

Re NWNExplorer, that exact screen (exporting EE models from the base game with right-click Export) works fine for me.

Yeah it seems to work fine for everybody lol.