NWN Explorer model display problem

Wondering if this is an issue for anyone else:
NWN Explorer will properly display the first 3d object selected, but will not display any subsequent model selections. When trying to view any model after the first, the view does not change (is frozen). I am able to view the other tabs for subsequent model selections (ASCII model, etc.), but selecting the ‘model’ tab only opens the viewing toolbox with no 3D display of the model.

Any thoughts why this behavior exists would be gtreatly appreciated!

I’m using windows 10, NWN 1.69/Diamond

Do you have the latest version?

I find that works as expected for both EE and 1.69 Diamond Win10.

Falls over occasionally, but no problem displaying one model after another.

Which models are you exploring? The game installation perhaps? Can you browse other sources, e.g. custom haks?

Thanks Proleric! I have been using 1.6.3, but I get the same issue with 1.8.3.

I can browse everything, and it works fine in every other aspect (as far as I can tell) except for that one quirk of no 3d display after the first. Very strange.

Thanks to the link you included I did find that it’s a known issue, and there is a decent workaround:
right click - view in new tab.

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