Nwn hangs -- help!


i’m running nwn1 diamond, from gog.

i recently needed to upgrade my machine. i’ve got a really nasty bug on my hands and can’t figure out what’s causing it after several hours of bashing my head against the wall. actually there are two bugs, which might be related. [1] the toolset hangs whenever i try to save a module. [2] nwmain hangs when i try to load a module. these kinds of problems are happening only w/nwn ; i’ve got plenty of multimedia programmes installed on the machine, and all run w/o issues. i was hoping someone here might have an idea of other things i could try to troubleshoot this problem.

here’s an account of what i’ve tried so far :

  • install gog diamond, install 1.69 critical rebuild, set ‘run as admin’ and windows-xp-sp2 compatibility for the following exe’s :

  • delete everything from /modules, /movies, /override and reboot.

  • launch toolset.

  • create brand new test module, no haks, one small area, nothing in it.

  • save
    ==> FREEZES at save, just as soon as i hit that ‘save’ button. just at the point where the dialog box normally opens to ask you what you want to call the module.

  • sysinternals process monitor shows nwtoolset is stopped at winreg HKLM access to… syswow64 of my PGP ?!

  • deinstall pgp. reboot. rerun. toolset freezes at save. proc mon now shows it simply stalls after reading nwnplayer.ini and dialog.tlk for some reason.

  • set compatibility => disable visual themes and desktop composition. still freezes.

  • crystal disk explorer shows my ssd is 100% good but i decide to deinstall nwn anyway and reinstall to different disk [mechanical this time]. toolset still freezes.

  • run 1.69 rebuild. rerun toolset. still freezes.

  • deinstall nwn, other applications. deinstall .net, catalyst control center, later versions of c++ redist. reboot.

  • reinstall nwn. run nwtoolset. freezes.

  • try 1.69 critical rebuild again. run nwtoolset. freezes.

i’ve checked the bios is up-to-date, video drivers are current.

i’m fresh out of ideas of things to try. can anyone help ?

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Check if indeed the path is correct.
Try setting CPU affinity on 1 core on nw*****.exe process (on i7 7700k had to run nwmain and nwtoolset on CPU02)
Make sure that all the folders and files are not “Read Only” (Just in case)

Other than that, certain drivers do mess up with the game from time to time. A small search on google and you can see that both AMD and NVIDIA mess the game up after some updates… Maybe roll back some versions???
Do you have any special access rule on windows? Maybe the Antivirus is on “Aggresive backround scan mode”?
Other than that, I am out of ideas :confused:


thanks for the reply, @GVGavenatore. :slight_smile:

i set the affinity for the running process to a single core, it still froze up when i went to save. can’t even move the window [let alone what’s inside it] and the ‘close’ button is no longer responsive.

checked my folder permissions and the permissions for everything below my nwn folder, nothing is read-only.

the process isn’t stopping at the registry read any more, once i de-installed a bunch of stuff including my pgp it seemed to skip that part completely. according to the process trace, it’s now stopping when it tries to acquire a lock of some kind, in a section called ‘fltmgr.sys’ called from ‘AurorapanelFinalize’. * shrug *

i installed MSE for my a/v, don’t have it set to anything special [afaik…], and i haven’t set up any special accesses, it’s all pretty vanilla really.

great idea about the retro video drivers, i figured it would be best to be up to date, but i understand where you’re coming from. i’ll see what i can find.

thanks again for your help!

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:open_mouth: This is unexpected… fltmgr is about file system manager for Windows.
Run a SFC scan before you try going on a search for drivers (it will be a pain in the …)
CMD run as admin -> sfc /scannow
And dont stop there, try the Windows Automatic Repair tool. Edit: With this new info, my bet is that the problem is not about drivers but with Windows itself…

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I can only advice updating audio drivers. Those often causes weird crashes like this.

thank you both @GVGavenatore and @Shadooow for your help, i think you were key in helping me solve this. [well… ‘solve’… not sure, actually, but i… think?]
anyway, yes, it turns out it was a driver problem of some sort. in the bios i set my primary monitor to the onboard graphics and not the video card, then actually completely uninstalled the driver for my video card from device manager. lo-and-behold nwtoolset no longer hangs and nwmain makes it all the way through the module and area loads.

this seems to be persistent across reboots, as nwn continues to function [well, for now…] despite windoze automagically re-installing my video card. no idea what it actually did there, but apparently it actually fixed things and didn’t f*k anything up, so i’ll hold my breath for a while and hope things continue to go well.

thanks again to both of you for your help.

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