NWN installer requires NWN? wtf?

Hi there,
Newbie here.
Looking for information on how to install NWN then Zork-I on my PC, I found a post on NIT, the NWN Installer Tool (sic).
I DLed the tool and installed it, then it asked me to tell him (her?) where is nwn.exe…
WTF? The installer needs the program it is supposed to install to install? (ok you got it, right?)
Thanks for all clarification, because without light I am going to be eaten by a lurking grue…
LDF The Excessive

The installer tool helps install needed overrides, hak files and such for particular modules. NWN needs to be acquired (GOG has it available as well as the newest version from Beamdog) and installed. If you acquire an older version of NWN it will need to be patched to 1.69 or later to run, which are available on the vault.

Oki, I understand better.