Nwn list index out of bounds (253) (RESOLVED) -thanks to Pstemarie!

I changed no dam tileset in my condensing my haks. I haven’t even touched the tilesets just creatures and scripts etc is all I mashed together…everything is working…then I go to open one area and I get this dam message for this area. What the hell is this error? I can’t find it anywhere.

Some how something changed recently in my module. My Castle Interior, City Interior, Mines and Caverns tilesets changed…I can’t pinpoint how. The tileset that I get the error above on is the Mines & Caverns tileset in the newer module.

here are pics:

how would I find out what got into my newest hak to make these changes? What mdl, or whatever file tilesets use would I be looking for in my haks to restore to original? Although I do like the look of the new stuff for the interior castle and city above. The original city interior is the lighter version above…the original castle interior is the bottom pic of the two. Obviously a newer Caves and caverns will not open in my toolset now.

All I did differently tonight was download new loadscreens of various sorts into one of my haks. Updated loadscreen 2das and I got this mess. Could I have invertantly downloaded more than the loadscreens that was only suppose to contain loadscreens? I had also downloaded the CCP into that hak found here:


So I have the thought it has to be isolated to that one hak I downloaded stuff to. Now looking at other tilesets I see that parts in a tileset are normally: wok, mdl, set, dds, ini…so I guess I am looking for some or one of those in my hak I isolated where the error can be. I thought perhaps all I need from the community is for someone with the knowledge of tilsets to tell me the parts that are related to the “Mines and Caverns” tilset…then I just search those out and remove them because they are causing the issue. I then thought…"what if I try making a new area with that tileset…if it’s broken…then it will give me a message…nope…I could start a new "Mines and caverns’ area…goodgrief…so what could this error mean then?

Ok…so I can open other “Mines and Caverns” tileset areas…just not that one with that error…now I’m really confused.

So in game I try to enter the area and this is the message I get:

Yet…still why did my other two tilesets all of the sudden change (castle interior and city interior)?

Last test…I discovered I can create an area with all the of the stuff specific to that tileset. I tried to enter any of my Mines and caverns tileset areas…and I get the crash above. So at this point…I have no clue what else to try.

Error: Index List Out of Bounds (##)

This is typically caused by various issues, some of which I have been able to identify:

When attempting to open the “Tile Properties” window. This error is caused by adding lines to lightcolor.2da.

When attempting to open an Area. This error is caused by a bad entry in the .SET file for the tileset. Typically, the TILES and/or GROUPS counts are set below the number of tiles and/or groups defined in the .SET file.

When attempting to paint a Tile Feature or Group into an Area . This error is caused by missing .MDL files for the tile(s) specified in the SET file.

The easiest way to fix this is to open the SET file with Set Editor BETA 0.85 | The Neverwinter Vault

When you first open it, if you do not have v1.69 installed, you’ll get an error popup because it can’t find your NWN install. Just click through, and the program will open. Make a backup copy of the original SET file. Then open the SET file and “Save as” and just overwrite the bad SET file.

Hopefully, that will fix that issue.


What you’re seeing is tilesets that were reskinned and the reskins were probably “hidden” by your old HAK structure. Now that everything is in 1 HAK, they’re finally visible. To remove them, you’d have to remove the overwriting textures (DDS or TGA - maybe both) from your HAK. They’ll be textures with the prefix TIN01 and TIC01.


Without seeing the dump files, which I couldn’t read anyway, I’d say that error is caused by trying to enter that area because the area you made long ago has tile(s) that are not listed in whatever SET file it is reading now. The mines/caverns tileset is TDM.

If the error persists after trying the fix first noted above - SET Editor - your safest bet then is to go back to your original HAKs and find tdm01.SET and use the one that sits highest closest to the top of your HAK tree for the old module.

Thanks Pstemarie…once again…you FIXED my issue!!!