NWN module recommendations/advice

Hallo everyone. I used to be quite involved with NWN, but have had a hiatus in the last few years, and I’m looking to get back into it. I’m wondering, where can I find/download NWN modules to play nowadays? Also, does anyone have any recommendations for some modules that would be fun to check out? I’m looking for something with an exciting story/adventure, and a creative world with attention to detail–a good balance of action and plot/character/storyline.

Thanks very much.


The new vault is at neverwintervault.org

As for recommendations:

Heart of Winter
Trials of the Luremaster
Crimson Tides of Tethyr
Darkness Over Daggerford
The Aielund Saga
Tyrants of the Moonsea
Cormyrean Nights
The War for Cania
The Penumbra
The Pawns of Darkness

Bear in mind some of these are campaigns, rather than single modules. You should also check out the Enhanced Edition of the game, as it brings some cool stuff.

Here are some module rankings.

None of these measures are perfect, but it gives you an idea.

Thanks for your response; I’ll take a look at those. Nice to have some up-to-date recommendations, and a campaign or two would be fun anyway.

I’ll take a gander at this list, too. Thanks for the tip about checking the nwn.ini paths.

Hi Lola,

You might want to take a look at Sanctum of the Archmage (full disclosure: I’m the author). I think it’s a solid adventure on the particular mix that you described: story, characterization, and detailed world-building balanced with action. I have some video clips from the mods online here if that might help give you an idea of whether it’s the sort of thing you’re looking for.

And welcome to the new Vault!


Not to forget to mention the Enigma-Island series and Dark Energy.

Or my own Module: Bloodfeud. Maybe it doesn't match all criteria, but I'm still learning. And I've put a lot of attention to details and to a (probably a bit unusual) storyline into it.
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