NWN OC Odd Beavior


I’ve played through the NWN OC a few times now, but it’s been a few years since I last played it. I started again this morning to help pass the time in quarantine and noticed some weird behavior that I didn’t remember from last time.

Specifically, the load times between screens are ridiculously long! Like, brew a pot of coffee and drink your first cup long… Also, character creation was going well until I tried to adjust the character’s skin tone. Now he looks like the Silver Surfer! No features, no tattoos, just skin that looks like quicksilver. The clothing/armor renders properly but I cannot change the skin tone to anything but silver!

For what it’s worth, I’m running NWN Diamond Edition updated to v1.69, I think. The only change to my system since I last played is the “upgrade” to Windows 10. Not sure if this is the issue, but based on what I’ve been able to find so far, it seems possible.