NWN Podcast Gone From YouTube

A member of the NWN community just reached out to me regarding availability of the Neverwinter Nights Podcast, which had been migrated to YouTube some years ago. Apparently and just recently (and as I’ve just confirmed), the episodes have disappeared from there entirely. The only one left is episode 199, which appears to have been posted separately on Brian Bloom’s channel.

The NWN Podcast represents a historical archive of significant value and importance to the NWN and NWN2 communities, and its sudden disappearance is not a small thing. (Having having appeared on it myself about a dozen times, I’m personally distressed about it as well.) I’m making an effort now to reach out to some of the folks involved in producing it, to try to find out what may have happened, and to see if arrangements can be made to have it restored.

I am concerned, though, about the timing of the disappearance. From a web search, I found what appears to be a new Wordpress site under the domain neverwinternightspodcast.com, which contains some information about the game (but no podcasts). A whois lookup shows that it was renewed in November 2019 through NameSilo. Hina posted with a question about this in December, and now people appear to be asking about the disappearance. I hope these events aren’t connected, but I can’t help but wonder.

If anyone knows about the status of the NWN Podcast and its episodes, please let me know so that I can share that information with those of us who are interested in restoring access to this valuable historical archive.

Thanks – Andarian

OK, after looking into this, I think I understand what happened now. Apparently the NWN Podcast episodes on YouTube had to be taken down because of concerns raised by YouTube policy enacted in response to the new “Child’s Online Privacy Protection” (COPPA) legislation. planned to re-post the archive to a new website, but that hasn’t happened yet. I’ll track the status of this and follow up with the community when there are any updates.

Announcement regarding the removal of the podcasts

Some background on the COPPA policy/legislation

So I actually looked up the COPPA FAQ on Google. Basically it means that you have to designate your YouTube channel as 1) made for kids, or 2) not made for kids. This does not seem to warrant removal of all content for anyone. Disappointing that the podcasts aren’t available, since there is still a lot of relevant content in there.

The NWN Podcast was never intended to cater to kids, though. But NWN is a game, and the video I posted explains that YouTube’s algorithms may change your rating – which I imagine could open up the poster to legal sanctions if the content weren’t actually and consistently “kid friendly.” I don’t know the specific thinking that went into the decision to pull the podcast, but I can understand why they might not have wanted to deal with that.

Hi There,

Well, I kept a copy of the one I spoke in (Episode 70) … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxNZxOV32B4&feature=emb_logo

Maybe others did the same?

Cheers, Lance.

Um, if it’s of any help, I have episodes 1 through 188 saved as .mp3 files.
Strangely, episode 114 is missing - can’t imagine why…
Pretty sure Andarian is in episode 130 and other ones as well probably.


Skunkeen skipped the number 114 when he posted the next podcast, labeling it 115. The podcasts continued on at #116. There was a thread about it on their old forums back in the day


And there is this link …