NWN Script: Getting an object's strref string or identifiers?

I am hoping this is really basic, but I have been scratching my head here…

I am looking to send a PC a string that includes in it the name of an object or item that he has clicked on. For objects that have names given to them in the toolset, GetName() works well. However, lots of objects use the localized names given in the talk table. For those objects, GetName() returns an empty string. The names for such items are in the talk table. Great, just use GetStringByStrRef(), right? Well, how do I get the integer strref value for the localized name? I know it is stored with the object UTI and the game obviously knows what they are (that’s why hovering the mouse over a standard palette placeable shows its name).

How do I get that strref?


Hmm. This may be a nevermind. I am getting better results now using GetName(). Not sure what the issue was before and I am still curious if there is a way to get the strrefs. But, what I thought I understood a while back (that GetName() does the strref lookup for you for standard palette items) seems to be true.