NWN Vanilla and EE Shared file locations

Can’t find anywhere this is covered ‘clearly’ so I’m asking if there are any difficulties with using the vanilla NWN folders as locations for EE? Naturally some such as modules and the character vaults will need to be unique but I’m trying not to bloat by duplicating tlk, hak, music, portrait and ambient folders. Are there any of these that would be best served by separation even if it means duplication?

Im sharing haks tlk and modules with no problems so far… (except that every module saved under EE cannot be opened by DE but it can be workarounded in worst case…)

I don’t see any reason why anything should break as long as you don’t use haks with EE specific custom content (that uses new limits of models/textures/etc) in DE toolset/client. Other than that it should be perfectly safe.

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