NWN1 Crafting Bug - worth fixing?

I found a minor bug in the 1.69 crafting scripts, where the “means test” to allow you to craft an item was always for the first item in the list. So for example with pole+large blade the first item is the two bladed sword with a cost of 100. That means if you have 99 gold you’re not allowed to make a halberd which costs 10, because it’s still checking against the first item’s cost value.

A very minor bug and a very easy fix. I have added it to my own module hak file and stuck the repaired scripts in my Development folder and it’s done.

My question is, does anyone else care? Should I upload the fix to the vault and/or is there any point in sending a bug report to BeamDog?

I am not sure I will release new version of Community Patch considering the hate towards it, but I will take that fix for this project if you mind sharing.

Btw, sending fixes for issues like this to Beamdog is a waste of time, they never cared about minor issues like this and lately it even seems they completely abandoned NWN-EE and they are not spending any resources on it. Which sucks after they broke pathfinding and made it worse than it ever was…

Thanks for that. I’ve uploaded it to the vault for you.

My goodness @Shadooow calm down and stop spouting nonsense. Your hyperbole about Beamdog and patches can get really obnoxious. No need.

@Guthlac good job always nice to see more fixes for older systems! I’d personally recommend reporting it anyway so there is at least a clear record of it. You can do it here; GitHub - Beamdog/nwn-issues: Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition Technical Bug Tracker

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Huh? Did my post sound any emotional?

Yours on the other hand smell with rage and emotion a lot.

I stand by my words that it seems that Beamdog abandoned NWN-EE.

This is assumption based on my own observation and public informations.

So lets recap it.

No new patch since 8.12.2021, its 19.05.2022 now. Whats more, no indications of any work on it - judging based on the fact that the shared document for insider builds is not showing any new content either since patch 34.

No official responses at the “official” bug tracker you linked for quite a long time either (would say since december but not 100% sure). Not that this bugtracker specifically was any active even before that. Majority of my reports were completely ignored (and that is for a fact as the last time I joined the nwnx discord out of desperation due to having issue there was a post from niv making it obvious that the repro modules I am attaching to my bug reports were never looked into - I am talking about the traps firing incorrectly issue, I am pretty sure you can find it in history there if you missed it yourself as you are logged there).

And whats worse, there were at least 2 master server downtimes recently. Quite long ones too. I wonder nobody wrote anything here, probably because most communication is happening via discord now or maybe because any posts of any criticism or blame towards Beamdog are instantly flagged and replied to as “you are idiot, stop talking nonsense” so peoples are reluctant towards writing posts like this one.

If this all seems to you as “nothing worth mentioning happening” then my apology I guess I am bit more cautious.

And you should know yourself how inactive the Beamdog bugtracker is, so I don’t understand why you are linking it. Especially when this guy has a fix for a script in game which is kind of content that Beamdog shown no interest in. If they did shown interest there is about 6000 script fixes in my Community Patch that I gave them (Trent Oster specifically at the time NWN-EE was still a secret and I was under NDA not to tell anyone) full permission to use anything from CPP. But they haven’t. So I am not sure why do you expect that some random script gets suddenly solved and incorporated into core.

I have my own experience with Beamdog bugtracker, there was even that trello, all useless. They tend to ignore it once there are too many issues reported and eventually shut it down and start over elsewhere to clean up the “cache”.

Oh dear me. Deary deary me. This all sounds very personal seems like I’ve struck a nerve! Sorry you feel that way, I still think however you could tone it down just a smidge especially on a simple post like this which didn’t merit it in the slightest.

It turns people off contributing to this very forum. It’s frankly embarrassing.

I am sorry, I didn’t know you are affiliated with Beamdog and thus are taking my assumption of Beamdog abandoning us so personally. I have nothing towards you (or your projects) except the fact that it is obvious that you have something against me (or my projects) which is making me sad but I am used to it. Afterall there aren’t many peoples whom I didn’t step on their toes somehow (hmm I do know how though - I have a habit of pointing other peoples claims wrong if they are wrong and they don’t take it well usually resulting in lifetime hatred and slandering me or my projects behind my back at any chance they get).

Take a step back, breath, and honestly look at what you posted. Calm down, go get some rest. Please. For your sake.

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