NWN1 Envy!

I was reviewing an NWN1 post about a pegasus mount, and one of the responders just casually mentioned a griffon, which evidently already exists in NWN1!!! I really like flying my griffon in GW2 (though it really glides and jumps more than flies…lol), but even if I had one to ride in NWN2 that would be cool. Except, that the horse mod in NWN2 is so incomplete and non functional (can’t change colors, no combat anims, limited race support), it’s almost a non factor! Are there no great NWN1 modelers/transfer experts (lol) playing NWN2?

That wouldn’t help at all because the way mounts work in NWN1 depends on part based creatures with the mount being a tail. The whole system would have to be different in NWN2 and you’d need lots of extra animations. That’s nothing that could be ported over from NWN1. All you could get is the griffin model, maybe someone could even find some animations for it, but it still wouldn’t be a mount.

When it comes to flying griffin animations, as long as there is a flying griffin model, I believe Kism on Discord could do something like that. If you go there you could ask him yourself. He’s very active trying to get new animations into NWN2 with his new system for Blender (it’s still WOP though).


Actually they made the horse model a cape in NWN2, RWS, made the original model I believe. Sounds like what u said in the NWN1 post so, it would require the same solution looks like (once the mount/cape is applied in nwn2, horse and rider become 1 unit). there is already a warg rider where a goblin rides on a warg and does ranged and melee anims, so it can be done. Thanks for the input though!

Yes Andgalf, I remember he was working on the horse but that was over a year ago, so I gave up on following that.

Horse? You must confuse him with 4760.

I still have a link to the posts.

Eh…ok. I was thinking about the riding thing which 4760 is working on, but maybe you’re speaking about something else, I don’t know. Ah, whatever.