NWN1 Mod: Librarian's Tales

I am looking for the files of that mod.
the downloader exe is still on site, but it does not work for me.
sometime earlier (well 10-15 years earlier) there were also the files for download by hand.
I would like to have those again (lost them with a computer rash).
Does anyone have them?



@FP I can’t check until I get back to my desk, but I suspect that is the same file as the Vault page for the module.

All players need to do is remove the .exe from the .zip file, then open it as an archive, using the latest 7zip or RAR program.

This is the recommended way of handling all self-extracting .exe files, because it’s safe, and it works.

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Thanks a lot! That helps.
EDIT: I also seem to have lost the CEP files. now the mod is up and running: and as good as I remember it.
You have been very helpful.

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