NWN1 PRR.2.2 persistent world support

Does PRR have pw support? If not, would I only need to switch out getlocalint() for getcampaigninit()? in the includes?

PRR has support for NBDE using the NBDE_Get/SetCampaign*() functions.

Is there a switch? Or do I need to sub the get/set?

Looking at the main include script, it looks like everything’s set up to use NBDE by default. However, here’s the relevant info from the documentation:

You will have to play around with how exactly you want to store your data to the Bioware Database, but I’ve included four scripts (_prr_sample_*) to get you started. To see how it works, just place the appropriate scripts into the sample module and save it under a different name. That’s all it takes.

Knat’s scripts need the custom vault placeable and the custom database object item to work.

The key thing to remember is to rename the constant SERIES_NAME in _prr_main. This will tie all the variables for one PW or series of modules together. When you are testing your module, remember to change the SERIES_NAME when you want to start with a clean slate. Otherwise you might forget that the data you are using is persistent and end up running in circles trying to figure out why your factions are beginning the module hostile to each other.

Now, I find it. Thank you. The demo mod doesn’t have the nbde in it and that is where I was looking. (maybe grabbed an earlier copy of the demo mod by mistake?) I imported the erf and walla! there was the NBDE.