NWN1 : Return of Middle Earth : Player Journals empty

I’ve set up RoME on a persistent server for my friends. I’ve installed NWNX and got the ODBC plugin talking to MySQL. I’ve also installed the fixes plugin. The module runs well but when a player starts a quest, no entry is put into the player journal. All journals remain persistently blank. I am using servervault characters. Does anyone have any suggestions/fixes? Bit stumped by this at the moment.

I guess we could use some more information. What scripts are you calling when starting a quest?

I’m afraid I don’t know. I downloaded the NWN standalone server files, and the RoME mod from this site at (https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn1/module/gameworld/rome-return-middle-earth#comment-44499). I also downloaded NWNX and installed that in the server directory, along with the NWNX ODBC and Fixes plugins. I set up ODBC to use MySQL 5.5.0. When I log onto the server, there are NPCs with tasks/quests. For example, in Bree at the Prancing Pony there is a character called “Red” who tasks the player to recover some spice from a band of bandits to the south of Bree. If the player accepts, Red appears to remember this, but nothing appears in the player’s journal. I assume that there should be an entry.

RoME doesn’t seem to come with any setup instructions, so I don’t know if I am missing a plugin or some other element. So far I’ve just had to set it up via trial and error.

The ODBC logs on the server seem to show it running properly. At least the SQL queries are not throwing any errors.

Just checking - did you add entries in the Journal editor for that particular stage?

No. All I did was as I described. I assumed that any journal entries would be controlled by the mod, which I have not edited at all.

I just went to look at the journal and it has only 2 journal entries created - “Missing Leather Sack” TAG “cross_eulah” and “roh_see_frewoine” with the info “See Freowine…”. Only the second has an entry and it is the start of the quest. So basically the journal is not working because absolutely none of the missions in the module have journal entries. Looking at the conversation file you mentioned “bree_redspice”, Red Spice keeps track of the PC conversations and quest with variables stored on the Party.

OK, thanks for helping me with that.

It’s making me wonder whether I have the right mod or not. We used to play on “a” Middle Earth server some years ago which seemed to have areas this one doesn’t (such as Hobbiton and Fornost), and with journal entries that worked. But it was years ago, so possibly I’m confused.

Anyway, once more, thank you for your assistance.