NWN2 Animation Question

In NWN2, is it possible to create a turret-like creature model? That is, a model with a fixed base that doesn’t rotate, plus an animated turret section that can rotate a full 360 degrees based on the model facing? It seems like fixing the base part down is the hard aspect, and I’m not sure how it can be done (other than to have two separate models). Thanks.

I suppose you can have two bones on your skeleton, each 100% weighted on its part of the model, and the bottom one not moving: the vertices it influences will not move either.
You could obviously have two separate models on the same skeleton, either via the wings/tail/head body parts, or the extraA01 trick, or within the same mdb. I don’t know for blender, but with 3ds max you “collapse” or “attach” the parts together to create a single object.

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Yay! Turret type creatures were on my requests list.

even if you make the creature immobile, afaik it will still rotate to face the opponent. you could either limit this by weighting the turret’s base to a really small value. or separate the base from the rotating top. make the base a simple placeable and the top your immobile creature. imo the latter sounds like the better solution.

I had a thought about that this morning as a way to get around the issue: the base could be a model-based vfx that is attached to the turret creature. Since it isn’t animated you wouldn’t be able to rotate the base. But it should stay in place and would have the advantage of not having to position two separate blueprints each time you want to use it.

I’ll try an experiment and see what happens…


Yes, you’re right, I forgot about that.