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This is a link to my first ever Work In Progress NWN2 module The Crypt Of Istaris. It is a port/remix of my NWN1 module of the same name here on the vault.
Started work on it a few weeks ago and it has 1 exterior area and several interior areas. It also has a merchant Lee in the Inn area with a working store. Only uploading a link for now so I can get feedback and hopefully someone will try it and at least let me know if it works on their computer. In a few months when its finished or at least close to finished I will upload it here on the vault. Any feedback welcomed but please go easy its my first real NWN2 module and the toolset is alot different from what I’ve been using in NWN1. Thanks and hope you enjoy!


It does!
I sent more details by PM.

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Thank you @4760 for checking it out and for letting me know it works and for the list of problems.
I should have mentioned that the module is very far from completion and I just mainly uploaded it to make sure it will work for others and to show my progress as I build it in the next few months.
I am planning on removing the spider in crypt and those overpowered weapons in the store.
And just started working on crypt level 1 so yes lots of doors and passageways to nowhere right now but that will be fixed soon.
I will lock or connect the backdoors to the inn and barn.
Will try to fix walkmesh/ unwalkable part inside Inn area.
Not sure how to fix tile flicker under Verdain but will look into it.
Will remove 1 and move the other one of the wizard work bench placeables and add other work bench placeables in separate area because Istaris was a wizard and he used parts of the upper level of this crypt as a workshop until he died.
I’m planning on importing Father Verdains conversation from the NWN1 version to save time. So for now Father Verdain doesn’t have anything to say but hopefully he will talk soon.
Thank you for trying out the NWN1 version and hope you enjoy it!
Thank you for the feedback and insights! I will upload a new version in a few weeks.

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It’s going to be at least a week before I can get to this but it’s always good to see new builders working on the game.

Best of luck.

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Thank you @GCoyote for your support and interest! I hope I can do this module justice because I’m a little bit intimated by the nwn2 toolset. Haven’t played nwn2 in many years so really enjoying how nice everything looks compared to nwn1 areas. For me using the nwn2 toolset it is harder and more time consuming to make the exterior and even the interior areas but I believe I can get it finished without too many headaches!


As you are probably aware, this is the best place to ask questions when you get stuck with the toolset, scripting, models, or any other builder related issues.

Ssssssshhhh :shushing_face:… You’ll start a war.


Thank you GCoyote! I’ve run into a few problems but the main one is- can you not delete/ cut a tile once it’s placed? I put down a few misplaced tiles and can’t seem to figure out how to remove them. The edit tab will cut/delete everything but tiles?
Thanks again for your support!

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I love them both!

You can select a different tile and paint over the old one. Or you can select the tile you want to delete and press ‘del’ on the keyboard. You need to be in the tile selection mode. That’s a button in the lower toolbar near the middle.

You should read rjhae’s Toolset Guide. It’s really good in explaining the toolset in detail.


Thank you Semper! And also thank you for the link I downloaded volume 4 the scripts examples and believe that will help me. I had already downloaded the volume 1 pdf a few weeks ago and I didn’t read it all just skimmed through it so I must have missed the del button part. I did completely read one shorter nwn2 tutorial about building a town called Fern and it helped me alot.

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You are not alone with missing the del button function, I had to dig a hole in an exterior area to bury all the things I couldn’t get rid of until somebody told me about it.

Ctrl Z works too if you get over excited with deleting and it works for removing things like texture and grass that you put in the wrong place.


Thank you Tsongo for the Ctrl z info. Was using edit tab cut function to delete placeables etc but when I started building interiors and made a few mistakes placing tiles the cut tab was faded out not useable which made me scratch my head for a few minutes wondering why.

Two other problems I’ve run into-

  1. How to make npcs move about? I imported the mobile and immobile scripts I used in the nwn1 module but they didn’t compile in the nwn2 toolset and don’t work in game. Can I uncomment mobile and immobile animations scripts in the default On spawn script and save them with new names?
  2. Henchmen won’t speak even with a conversation attached?
    I tried using a companion npc (Casivier I think is his name) with a henchman conversation I imported from nwn1 but he won’t speak to me in game. Then tried a regular npc with same conversation but they wouldn’t speak either. Maybe I should write a new conversation using the Nwn2 toolset? Or instead do I need to load a special henchman script set?

nwn2 uses mostly nw_c2_default9 script for spawning monsters and NPCs.

It checks creatures for some variables that can be set on the creature in the toolset:

// * Set to 1 to make the creature play mobile ambient animations after spawn

// * Set to 1 to make the creature play immobile ambient animations after spawn

In other words, set X2_L_SPAWN_USE_AMBIENT=1 (in a creature’s ScriptVariables slot) or X2_L_SPAWN_USE_AMBIENT_IMMOBILE=1

i think its the same as the basic Nwn1 system … it got inherited by nwn2 like much other stuff.

Doing that makes a creature’s HB-script ( if stock, eg. nw_c2_default1 ) access the routines in x0_i0_anims

not sure, but something to get used to in Nwn2 is that henchmen are not Companions and vice versa. Companions are 90% of what an “owned” PC is. Player can control them, access their inventories just like their own, etc. But henchmen, on the other hand, are merely Associates as in nwn1.

ie. please get used to talking about henchmen as henchmen and Companions as Companions, else it confuses the crp out of us :p

Companions are their own can o worms …

(sry if you knew that already)

What is the status of the creature Casavir? npc, henchmen, or companion? Each get a different scriptset …

npcs/monsters → nw_c2_default*
henchmen/associates → gb_assoc_*
companions → gb_comp_*


yeh i dont think they’re compatible …

yep. Don’t rely on Casavir’s stock dialog file since it’s likely buried in the OC Campaign folder …

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Thank you KevL_s! I haven’t played Nwn2 or 1 in many years I really only enjoy building modules for others to hopefully enjoy so I had forgot about companions not being henchmen which is kind of confusing to me. I guess I am trying to get a companion to work… Also thank you for what you explained about the mobile and immobile scripts.
I guess first I will import a simpler conversation for my companions because the conversation file I imported from nwn1 for another npc is working correctly in game. Or I will write a new conversation for companions in the toolset. Or as a last resort I will delete the henchman ( opps I mean companion!) and the module will just be a little harder to finish alone. One of my main mottos as a builder is Keep It Simple! Thanks again and I will probably have a few more questions before this module is done. :slight_smile:


re. NPCs moving about

don’t forget that Nwn2 still uses the WalkWayPoints subsystem same as Nwn (iirc). Any tutorial about it should work …

i like it for guards, patrolling monsters, etc.

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Right click the npc and select create waypoint, do it as many times as you want for each location they will walk to.

You might be able to copy and paste each line of a conversation from NWN1 to NWN2 just have them both open at the same time.

To set the companion script set select the companion, click properties tab, at the top there’s an import option, select it and then script set and finally do as kevL_s says b companion scripts.

To get an npc to be a companion use a conversation and on the last line add these actions with the actions tab at the bottom…

ga roster add object “companion tag” “companion tag”
ga roster seletable “companion tag”, “1”
ga roster party add “companion tag”
ga reset level “companion tag”, “1”

The last line is optional if you want them the same level as the PC and all the bits in “” is what you put in.

To select an action select the conversation line, actions tab at the bottom, add, click the arrow on the side of the box that just appeared and scroll down until you find what you want, double click it click refresh and fill in the boxes.


and i think that a waypoint with the NPC’s tag + _POST causes the NPC to stand guard at that waypoint

or smth like that