NWN2 Body_Node_Head

I gave up on this month’s ago, but I was using Kamal’s great sfx viewer and saw a dwarf casting beams from his eyes! Eureka!..however, when trying to attach a script to an item, the same problem of only body node ‘hand’ and ‘chest’ as options (only hand works), persists. There are nodes for ‘Monster’, about 6 or so, so I’m guessing these adjust by type or size (or both), of the monster, but I am hoping since the dwarf was shooting ‘beholder rays from his eyes’, when viewing the effect, that one of them could be the enigmatic ‘body_node_head’! If someone knows how I can script this to an inventory item to work this way, please post here! thanks!

Got it. For anyone else interested in this ‘body_node_monster0’ is basically shoot beams from the eyes! Now who can make the cyke cowl and visor…lol!