Nwn2 complete italian tlk

Hi people!
Has anyone the tlk file for the italian version of Nwn2? I buyed the one from GoG but there’s no italian. I know MoW never been translated, but other games are (I owned them in far far years)…

Thanks for your consideration

I’m not sure what this is but it looks Italian …


the filename needs to be changed from dialog_it.TLK back to dialog.TLK

Thank you pal, but it says I cannot download it cause it’s a violation of google policy!! :sob::sob::sob:

that’s strange. dozens of people have been downloading stuff i share on Drive …

unfortunately I have no idea what “policy” they were talking about, but you probably have to at least allow cookies from their site,

in any case i’ll leave the file up; maybe somebody else can try downloading it, to confirm that it’s available …

Ofc, you can’t edit it, if you were mistakenly [or intentionally] trying to do that instead of download

Here it is. (You need 7zip to open it). http://www.raccontidellevalli.eu/dialog_ita.7z