Nwn2 creature export errors- need some help AND WIP

Hello everyone.
im trying export some type creatures but get errors.
i will apreciate any help.Thank you any way!
see examples

its gold ball/or rock or something like that - must be flying sphere(sphere can use spells for attacks).

i tried export first var but got black texture (any ideas ?)
video i put here( bug - YouTube )
im thing it was normal maps error and triend change(even clear normal map get me black textrure ) also i hope to try metal material
see examples

also for some resons i cant export my others models(geetting error-probably my blender materials is lagging and cant find textures/just theory/because names seesm to be right)

(my old wez works corrects but it too bad to call it creature-anyway im will try to learn some things.and i want export this for first step)

Are you using a tint map, and left by any chance the colors at 0,0,0 (i.e. full black)?

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I haven’t used it. But even with the map added, the result is the same.

on a note
I use tga textures, not dds because the colors (they are terribly distorted - I don’t know why everything worked like that before) / and with dds the same result.

strange how that is all.
Right now I’m testing my textures on other models like no problems (I checked on 1 model), but maybe I’ll find something.

i changed some texture on the golem but it doesn’t work for my model. well, I’ll keep on going

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all textures change for NWN2 models - checked (tga works ,everything is displayed normally) it looks like either I have a bugged file / or something else

As many as needed :wink:
To add them: just position them where you want, and attach them to the corresponding bone in the model.
See a few examples below:

For the faerie dragon above, I only used one, attached to the first bone of the skeleton.

For the p_hh?_skel, the collisions spheres are located around the head, the arm, the forearm, the thigh, the shin, the torso, the hands…

Only export them with the model (make sure they are not renderable)


thank you very much, 4760.
I will check it.

quick question
What is average walking meat?
do I need to study this manual a lot or walkmesh is just a model with materials (nwn) - you can walk / you can’t walk .

Because it doesn’t seem to affect anything.
Why should I export some files there?
if i can conditionally create the model then create around it
cube - apply a stack of materials from the game to it, and then select suitable cubes from any model (c2, c3 I mean)

or am i missing something? thanks in advance.

I just want to try to create some buildings/objects which, depending on the readiness of the buju, will be exported to the castle siege module./I will make the module regardless of the readiness of these models.

I’m not sure I understand the question, but the model’s C2 blocks passage from creatures and C3 blocks projectiles and line of sight (I think, it’s been a long time since I last made a placeable), so C3 is within C2.
However the walkable area (with the _W suffix, and with a multi/sub-object material) overrides the C2 collision box, so you can create an arch where only the path in the middle can be walked.
Note that the size of the creature trying to go through matters (defined by its COLS collision spheres): if the COLS volume doesn’t fit within the _W area and C3 volume, it won’t be able to pass

See below:

the _W part is the smaller box, with the red part being walkable
the _C2 part is the larger box
the castle cannot therefore be entered by any creature larger than the arched doorway.

If the placeable is set to environmental, it will not block anything: it’s an option to reduce CPU time, but to keep the non walkable area you will need a walkmesh cutter around the placeable.

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IT’S LEARNED! Thanks for the answer 4760.

This example is probably more self-explanatory:

  • greenish mesh = placeable itself
  • white boxes = C3 mesh
  • grey box = C2 mesh
  • orange mesh = W mesh (walkable part, overrides C2) => appears in red in the textured display (but like the C2 and C3 meshes, it’s invisible in game)