What can we expect for NWN2:EE? It seems certain to be done.

Psionics? Proper PnP rules? Eldritch theurge and other dual spellcasting progression classes? The rest of the classes from 3.5e?

Speculate, please.

I don’t think it will be done.

Beamdog have spent the last year giving NWN1 features that NWN2 has already. They seem to hate Full Party Control.

It’s very unlikely.


Not that I am aware of. From what I can make out somebody else has the rights to work on NwN 2 anyway. NwN and NwN2 appear to have very different design philosophies. Add to that I have yet to see a proper definition of what people mean when they say full party control anyway. Do you mean pausing the game and then transferring control to each character in turn as you issue orders? Do you mean the way that several older games (such as the gold box games and the might and magic 5 to 10 games) worked wherein you move the party as a block but when combat arises you control each characters actions in turn? Or one of a myriad other different forms of “full party control”?

Give NwN any type of full party control and as far as I am concerned it is no longer NwN but instead a pale imitation of any number of games that were designed for full party control.

Rant over. Sorry for being off topic.


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nwn2 + “full party control” = Companions

there are still Henchmen (an associate-type like summons) but they pale in comparison

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Just to be clear, I wasn’t talking against NwN2 in my rant. NwN2 was designed with companions in mind, NwN1 wasn’t. I didn’t bring up “full party control” for NwN1, just responded to the person who did.


Who else has the rights to work on NWN2?

I would think either Obsidian or Atari. Probably the later, but they went bankrupt.

I’m just remembering what has been said on the live streams. As far as I know they didn’t actually say who now has the rights.


I was wondering if it got sold off as a nonexempt bankruptcy asset? They may just not have announced it.

Looks like the assets were previously acquired by Infogrames; now holding company Atari S.A., which also went through bankruptcy. I read that the D&D license from Hasbro was for a ten year period, so that may have expired.

I doubt it will be done.
They didn’t do it for Icewind Dale 2, and they threw some bullshit excuse for not doing that:

(warning: high level developer PR bullshit in that link)

They’ll pull out something similar for NWN2.
NWN2 suffered from a very bad release that translated into very bad press, and in their (beamdog) community, it still gets a lot of slack saying how it’s inferior to NWN1 (lol), because of bugs and issues that were probably fixed by the time Storms of Zehir came out.


Lol, the source code was lost. That’s even more bullshit than what Trent Oster came up with originally. Let’s just say they prefered to move on to other things rather than try to reverse engineer it (something that would be well within their capabilities). And this if we assume it’s not a straight up a lie, considering that years before the excuse was very different.

As for NWN2, bugs AND ISSUES (mostly technical, the game ran like shit for the hardware of that time, whereas NWN1 was way faster and lighter) played the biggest role in preventing what you call “the swap” (nobody has to swap by the way, you can play both games).

“The most common criticism of the game was its numerous technical glitches.[1][8] Adam Diamond of Isthmus was not happy with the pathfinding, writing, “I often found myself traveling solo through a dungeon, my companions spread out far behind me, leaving me vulnerable to attack. What’s the point of having henchmen if they’re not there to protect you?”.[82] Some reviews compared Neverwinter Nights 2 to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II,[5][10][85] a previous Obsidian game that had received similar complaints.[89][90] The bugs were described as disruptive to gameplay and “downright infuriating”,[5][10] and one reviewer encountered a “showstopper bug” in the initial retail version that prevented him from playing the game past a certain point.[91] The bugs were said to negatively affect NPC AI, camera operation, and pathfinding.[8][18] One review stated “The launch–to–load time is fairly long so be prepared to wonder if the game has crashed or is loading.”[3] Obsidian was quick to release fixes for several bugs,[91] but later reviews still described the glitches as a serious problem.[8][92] 1UP.com’s review, written two weeks after the game’s release, stated “But the sad truth is that NWN2 shipped in a pretty messy state, and even after a couple patches (as of this writing), the biggest problems remain.”[8]”

From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neverwinter_Nights_2

I ain’t gonna stop, deal with it.


As long as I get pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows.

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Fact I liked NwN so much that I pre-ordered NwN2. Fact upon release it was so buggy as to be unplayable. Not least because of the camera. It took about 6 patches to get it to work well enough to be playable. Before you ask, my hardware was perfectly able to handle the game. I also got the two expansions and the MoW dlc.

In my opinion the OC sucked and felt as though it was even more of a demo of what the toolset was capable of than the NwN OC. Add to that I hated the fact that they sicked a load of evil characters onto me with next to no choice (Neeshka was cute though :star_struck:).

I finally gave up on NwN2 after trying the toolset. It was the faux airbrush/soft-ice-cream dispenser thingy that did it.

I have nothing against those that create stuff for NwN2. Well done for sticking with it. But I no longer have time for the tired, ancient, infantile, my games better than yours, nyah, nyah, nyah, rubbish.

Be careful what you wish for…


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  • Mark

I hope someone does a NWN2: EE. I would buy it right away!


NWN OC sucked more. Meh.



NWN2: MotB > NWN1: HotU > NWN2: OC > NWN1: OC.


I did say it was just my opinion and that was really how it felt to me.

I see nobody picked up on the fact that Neeshka was true neutral and not evil BTW.