NWN2: MotB > NWN1: HotU > NWN2: OC > NWN1: OC.



I did say it was just my opinion and that was really how it felt to me.

I see nobody picked up on the fact that Neeshka was true neutral and not evil BTW.



All the more reason to be happy they are working on NWN1, if it is successful, someone may see an opportunity to make money and compete.


That is part of why I bought NWN. I really hope they also do NWN2. I like both games, but I play NWN2 more since it is 3.5 and I like Rangers. :stuck_out_tongue:


As do I. I just really like the 3.5e ruleset implementation in NWN2 better and let’s face it, no AI that you can cram into a game this cheap will give you the results of controlling the companion you want, when you want.




how did you even find that

and why are there 45 million views


This is the first time I have seen anyone say that the NWN1 OC is better than the NWN2 OC. I have heard other reasons for NWN1 being better, but not that reason.

I would really like a faithful implementation of 3.5e in NWN2. Also unlock the game so that modders can do more with it, like properly implement custom classes (that actually work properly, particular with spellcasting), create new feats, etc.


I thought this was a discussion about the possibilty of seeing someday a NWN2:EE game, not another discussion site NWN vs NWN2. Fortunately, it has an hypnotic video of pink unicorns in it…
I always get impressed by the levels of infuriation that some people achieve when they see “NWN” followed by a “2” written in a screen… Having this in mind, do you really think that anybody will ever make a game that is called “Neverwintwer Nights 2: whatever”? No, my friends… Too many stigmata, too many hate.


I’m not sure they would refuse to do NWN2 because of stigma or hating FPC or anything like that, but I think design-wise at least Trent/Phil have said they see NWN as more of a platform than a story, which to me sounds more like something you steal cool features from other places to add to so people can make more cool stuff and tell more interesting stories. Because NWN2 has lived on in the same fashion, it doesn’t seem like something they would tackle as another “D&D modding platform” game that it is. (That’s just my opinion, obviously.)

This is completely apart from the other big thing, which is that they have a lot of some people who worked on NWN1 (and I think it was sort of Trent’s big “this is going to change everything” ideal), and NWN2 was made by a different company whose design decisions may have differed in several areas. They have been asked about it a few times, but it is mostly the same response as they give to any additional enhanced game - “get us the rights” and “we have a lot going on”. So… maybe not completely impossible, but definitely not inevitable. :\ (On the other hand, I didn’t think NWN was ever getting an EE either, after that whole thing with Neverwinter!)

Apologies if I come across as another NWN person giving unasked for opinions on your forum, although at least I did purchase NWN2 like 2 or 3 times :smile: I am curious what experienced NWN2 modders would want from an EE, though. Some of my most-wished for NWN:EE features are already in your base game :stuck_out_tongue: I guess that one area you’re really stuck in is the under-developed NWNX compared to 1.69?


I mean they have already said multiple times on stream that they aren’t a fan of FPC and feel NWN2 went in the wrong direction.

Go back and watch the NWN:EE announcement stream. Literally the question was “NWN2:EE When?” and Trent goes on to explain the exact thing your all saying he didn’t ever say.

Slams Head On Desk Then Walks Away


I’ve watched all the streams, I just thought that “they won’t do NWN2 because they hate FPC” was pretty reductive, considering the context of their FPC remarks (NWN vs BG ie being a character on your sheet vs being your party in the story) and the many other factors (which have also been discussed). I didn’t mean to be argumentative, it just seemed imcomplete/misleading as is.


For Neverwinter Nights 2: Enhanced Edition, I would like to see a 64-bit executable and bug fixes.


not a fan and hate are not the same thing. A lot of people like NWN the way that it is including those that are working on it. So tell me, why do you think there would be any good reason for them to say, hey, we do not want to and the people that play nwn do not want us to, but we are going to completely tear down nwn and make it more like nwn2? It would have taken a lot more time and money to start all over than to keep nwn the way it was designed to be. It would have also broken a lot of things.


A post of mine was removed and I am NOT sorry that I posted it. but I will keep it mind in the future.


Personally I enjoyed playing both. I don’t know why people must get involved in a this is better than that. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. I found NWN amazing when it came out, but was dissatisfied with the graphics. When NWN2 came out I loved the graphics and found the campaign totally enjoyable, but was dissatisfied with the crashing of the toolset at various times (don’t get me started on the appearance wizard).


Eh. This old stain that was once a horse. For my part, I think comparison often kills wonder. Both games are among my favorite computer games of all time. I don’t care to take sides.

As to NWN2: EE, I would love to see it but can’t imagine it ever happening.



Watch out for that smothering attack… :unicorn:


You’re just sorta ranting at this point and didn’t reply to anything I said.

FYI I play both games and FPC is a much wanted feature from the NWN1 community - you don’t represent that entire community.