NWN2 Files Wanted

Resurrecting the ‘missing files’ sub-forum with:

Quester: Looks like at least two zip files were not uploaded from the vault to the project page. I haven’t played it yet so I can’t confirm but there are already two request for the missing material.

Using the old vault number this is what is held in Rolovault. Is this what you are looking for?


Yup. I’ve installed it now and there are two modules not uploaded to the project page. A couple of players not familiar with the vault posted asking about them.

There is still one file missing. According to the Campaign menu, it’s called quester.tlk. It wasn’t in the vault either. Unless someone has a copy from the IGN days, one module of this campaign (the Overland) will be unplayable. The rest seem to be working normally without the missing .tlk file.

If you could upload the missing module files, I’ll post an explanation/warning for the next player who comes along.

Just let me know which files you want uploading and what text you want for the download links, I’ll get on it. As far as the missing tlk file is concerned - It isn’t mentioned on the ign page (called index in the rolovault folder). From which I can only conclude that it was supposed to be in one of the downloads. Logically it should have been in either the overland map download or the general (quester) download. It is in neither. The odd thing is that none of the comments on the ign page complain of a missing tlk file. So no idea.


I’ll finish checking the other associated modules tonight and get back to you. (US Eastern Time)

The two missing modules are CanyonQuest and ForrestQuest (sic). Both should have text saying, “Suitable for new level one characters/parties” (author’s opinion :smirk:) or words to that effect.

The second file on the project page is the non-functional Overland module. I’ve unpacked the associated .mod files but still no sign of the missing Quester.tlk. If you would add that comment to the file description, future players would probably be saved some frustration. All the other modules seem to be working correctly, for me at least.

Done. In hopes that it will turn up, I haven’t mentioned the missing tlk file yet.


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I downloaded the mod in July 2012, didn’t play very far but kept the zip files just in case. I just unzipped them all and couldn’t find a quester.tlk file.

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Thanks. Hopefully one of the long time players will turn up a copy.