Nwn2 graphical tweaking

Hello everyone, I got a question regarding some graphical tweaking of the game. I was looking for a way to push the draw distance further as well as make the shadows less intense and was happy to discover that these things can be changed in the gfx options menu avaliable from the debug mode. However the settings change everytime I travel to a new area. Is there a way to make the settings permament between areas/modules? And is there a way to change them other then to activate the debug mode every time? I’d love to see these options in the general options menu, or, if that’s not possible, maybe in form of a script call. In order to avoid using the console commands I figured I could insert a script somewhere that could run whenever party spawns in the area making the game increase draw distance and make the shadows less intense, although I don’t quite know if that can be done.
Anyone has any thoughts about this issue? I’d be grateful for any insight.

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HI Envuen.
why do you need this? Nvn2 is quite an old game and
there are a lot of glitches plus the fog makes the game better. you can change it(FOG ) in the settings.
if you have problem in nwn2 storm of zehir with fog
Here is the solution if I remember correctly. Also I couldn’t play because of the fog.
but then i fix this

Envuen… I like this idea and didn’t know that was possible with the console so congratulations on your discovery. The shadows that annoy me are the ones on faces and when people have hats on if they could be less intense that would be really good.

I don’t know how you’d make it run across areas but if the command can be put in a script then all you’d have to type would be debugmode 1, rs “name of script” , debugmode 0. Which I would imagine would make it faster.

ps. What are the commands ? I’m curious now.

Here’s a tweak guide for NWN2 that I’ve use in the past:
TweakGuides.com - Neverwinter Nights 2 Tweak Guide

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The command to summon that window is “gfxoptions”, after “debugmode 1” of course. Curiously enough for me it only works in the campaign. I created a test area in a test module and that window isnt fully functional, only some switches work.
The shadows that are a pain of mine show up on characters in cutscenes, i hate how dark everyone are due to the proximity of trees in the area. A bunch of early examples are cutscenes with Elanee, when we meet her and in the forest before highcliff, lots of narrow paths with trees right next to them.
gfx options menu revealed that the default setting for shadow intensity in there is around 0,55, but it looks much more tolerable when turned down to something like 0,30.
Fog settings allow to make it disappear completely by increasing the starting distance, which I love, i dont think fog makes for a better visual than actual landscape.

lord_xd : that wasn’t my issue, main settings dont allow to delete the fog

travus : i followed that guide but it didn’t help with this particular issue. It does provide lots of other helpful informations though, i gotta admit that. btw if you’re the guy who makes letsplays on youtube then well done, i like to watch them from time to time :slight_smile:

Tsongo: yeah via a script would be faster but someone script-savy needs to take a look at that I assume, to create some kind of plugin or .ncs file which we could use.

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I just had a look and that looks like a lot of the settings for an area that you can change with the toolset and this might explain why it is area specific. Somehow I don’t think you can script that across areas.

Maybe a workaround would be to have the ability to have it as part of the main display and be able to move it out of the way then click it open, adjust and put it back again. But it’s way above anything I could ever do.

Still a nice find !

edit… I just tested it and if you don’t exit the graphics window it stays across modules and areas so there is hope of a smaller permanent version.