NWN2 - Increasing Camera Zoom Out

Hi, all.

This has probably been covered over and over, but I’d like to zoom out of the scene in [exploration mode] and [strategy mode]. More than what they’re allowing.

Does anyone know how I can increase the zoom out?

Thank you,


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In what game? NWN, NWN:EE or NWN2?

Oh, sorry, NWN2. On GOG.

I don’t know of any way to change this, I’m sorry to say.

(Maybe you should change in the title that this is regarding NWN2. When you create a thread you change that to the right of the title. Right now it says “Vault Feedback/Tech” here. When you edit the title you can change it below the title.)

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Thank you, @andgalf I’ve played NWN2 before, and didn’t recall the camera bothering me so much. But this time it’s just driving me nuts.

the limited zoom-out has bothered me since forever. But i’m sure it’s in the executable, and would require someone to reverse engineer and offer us a hex-edit to change it …