NWN2 install gives me activation screen

So, I tried downloading nwn2 through the disks i bought 10+ years ago, NWN2, MotB, and SoZ, and i get this Digital River SecuROM™ Product Activation Screen. I dont understand why this is showing up for disk install, and can’t play the game. Any suggestions?

Here’s an screenshot of the popup im getting when trying to play the game:

We can’t see that image without signing in to imgur, you can post images here by just pressing the Print keyboard and past it directly on the forum here.

thats it ^
fester_pot got it

Ok, it seems simple? Press manual activation and paste the CD key there?

thats what I thought, but no luck. I went to digital river’s website and it said to enter that code and the serial number in order to get a generated unlock code, but i dont see a serial number anywhere, i tried the cd key on it also

The Activation Key is on the order confirmation page of your account - or in the e-mail you provided when you purchased the game.