NWN2 Install on Portable Drive

I have the WD Black SS Drive and I play most of my games on it, since it’s 3TB and the drive on my gaming laptop (my fastest pc), is small. I have no issues installing and playing games on it, except with 1 game…YGI, NWN2…lol. So installing the game on the drive isn’t the issue, it’s keeping GOG from installing the games periphery folder (saves, override, etc…), in C:Documents! If anyone has a significant amount of mods and override stuff, you already know why this is an issue, it’s easily the most drive space used by the game! If anyone has the game installed fully (including the Documents Neverwinter Nights 2 folder), on a drive besides C (or your main pc drive if it is not C, basically on an auxiliary drive of some type), please list here how you did it. Thanks!

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I have my Documents folder on another drive and the game too. I use Win10.

I think you just right click on the documents folder (in Windows Explorer) and then Properties (guessing here since my version of Windows is in swedish) and then Place. Something like that.

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ok will try that. thanks!

Worked. One warning to anyone who does this though, MAKE SURE TO NAME THE FOLDER WHEN THE PROMPT APPEARS…lol! What a nightmare that will create if you don’t! On english pc’s it will list ‘Location’ instead of ‘Place’.


Good to know. Yes, the word “place” was just a guess since my version is in english and “place” as well as “location” translates to the same word in swedish.

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