Nwn2 Mapper Help pls

Hey guys,
I am like…uber brand new on the nwn2 toolset, and I saw a video on the Mapper tool.

I really like the look of it so I got in downloaded but…I’m too stupid to figure out where the included .dat files go [since it’s a plugin] .

I look , I promise… but I wasn’t able to find a guide on how this tool/plugin is to be install and how it works.

Anyone got a link , and a few moments to tell me which folder to drop it’s .dats into?


Try putting the dats in the toolset plugin directory along with its DLL. You might also want to create a Mapper.txt file that lists what files belong to Mapper (for uninstallation).

caveat: i don’t have Mapper

Thanks for the help!

I’ll test that out in a bit, right now I am trying to figure out how to make a bridge both walk “on-able” and walk “under-able” , so like you can, you know, go across it but also like pass under it (like a troll lives under it)…right now I just fall through the bridge lol

unfortunately there’s no true z-axis; you can’t go over AND under

only over OR under …

i have heard of complicated attempts that fudge what you’re looking for but dont know of any offhand,

i think they put a trigger under the bridge that just warps the char to a closeby waypoint …

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The walk mesh only has one layer, so you’re basically stuck going on the height that is set to. I wish it were more sophisticated, but it’s an old engine and that’s how it was implemented.

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interesting, I wonder if walktriggers could be used to adjust the walkmesh layer you are on …

so for example: as you approach the underwalk it triggers the walkmesh that lets you walk under the placeable. Next as you approach the over walk it triggers the walkmesh that let you walk on it.

is that possible?

It appears to be possible.

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now , I wonder how this can be leveraged to make players appear to fly?

Trigger on “flying” creatures new walkmesh?


I still can’t walk on a bridge , much less walk on no an invisible bridge lol

if you could walk me through this process over here:

I’d be very grateful!!!

I think you may end up with the character moving up and down depending on what mesh face it is standing in. It won’t work consistently.

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