NWN2 MOBA concept


Yesterday i have the idea to check is the NWN2 engine suitable for the MOBA genre and here is the prototype. What I can say, there is a huge problems with creature pathfinding - kobolds suddenly stop without any reasons.


Try using the ginc_group script library. There are functions that help to overcome some such pathfinding issues: you can set up a desired group formation and a noise level for it.

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In my experience the standard hb and waypoint walking scripts are extremely buggy and complex - I always make my own custom scripts for town ambiance and such. Just recently I wanted to have a guard patrol one area during day and go play dice in a tavern at night. Theoretically the standard WalkWaypoints fuction is specifically set up for such scenarios, but despite that it didn’t work for shit. It was WAY easier for me to set up my own system.