NWN2 OC Stuck Act II

Do you have a save near Zeeaire (ie. before the railroading starts) that i can look at/play through?

ref. https://lparchive.org/Neverwinter-Nights-2/Update%2033/

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Hi, thanks for answering. I have one with Mephasm still bound and his barrier still on, and one right after Zeeaire’s death when you talk to Shandra before you leave.

It sounds like I want the second one, if you could upload it to a file hosting service and link it either here or in PM if you prefer, i’ll try to play through the Act I -> Act II sequence

Thanks a lot, man! Unfortunately I’m sort of hopeless with both forums and the cloud, but I should figure that out quickly enough over the weekend (I hope).
Also, may I ask how that could be fixed? I’m asking mainly because in the future, I’d love to play different characters and level them up better than my current one, so, if I could wrap my head around it, I wouldn’t have to bother people in case something like that happens again. I’m afraid something else might go awry as I remember having to install a patch meant for another game just to have the characters move properly and following a guide to temper some files in order to fix an issue preventing Casavir not joining the party.
Thanks again.

I’m the current maintainer of Nwn2Fixes. I’ve tinkered extensively with Nwn2, and before with Nwn1. There are many dynamics in Nwn that can be learned only by spending time building modules and generally fooling around trying to extend things or make them work differently than in the stock game(s). Trying to explain how to fix a problem that, quite frankly, i don’t even know exists yet …

A lot of people reading this forum are like me; they’ve put in time and paid dues. Basically, once I get a savedgame from ya, i’m just going to play it. And compare what happens (or doesn’t happen) to the LP archive refered to above. Once i see something askew i can start looking through dialogs and scripts, and hopefully do tests to see what went wrong. If I see what went wrong, its very very very likely it is fixable …

barring things like issues on your operating system or with your installation of Nwn2,

So at this point all I can say is, will try to play it and see what happens

ps. google “file hosting no registration” eg.

pps. I guess an honest answer to your question is, start a thread and be specific. /shrug

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I see. Clearly, that becomes too complex too quickly. I was naively hoping for some predictable parameters to tweak within some logs. I hope this will be the last big issue in my game then. I should be posting the save file soon enough. Thanks for now.


Hello again! Here’s the link to the save file we talked about: https://files.fm/u/fu22kq9n

I hope it’ll work and that you’ll manage to fix the issues it encounters. Obviously, I don’t expect it to be a priority for you (I’ll still be checking a couple of times a week, though). Seriously, I started this game about ten years ago, so I’m really in no rush.

I really appreciate your help. Cheers!

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ok  :)

ps. yep its borked :\

I got it going by removing and re-adding Sand and Shandra to the roster …

i cant say that its fixed but at least Sand and Shandra are in the party and the hotspots show on the WorldMap.

but I don’t know what actually went wrong; the stuff in and around wherever that occurred could still present issues. I guess the easiest thing to do is link you to a savedgame in Act2 just after the initial cutscenes …


ps. what version of nwn2 are you running? when you load the game, the initial splashscreen shows it in the lowerleft corner. Most recent is 1.023 (1765)

I had this same problem a couple of months ago. I may have made a save while in the problem, I left the Flagon, and had nowhere else too go. If I remember right, I reentered the Flagon, then, exited, then I was able to continue. It’s possible I loaded a prior save and played it again.

I know, not much help. Just saying it happens.

GOG version, 1.23 (1765), NWN2Fixes installed.

Soon, I’ll post about a problem with the HAVEN APPROACH a couple of weeks ago. It’s a problem that’s been around for a very long time.


NWN 2 Act 2 shandra bug

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Can anyone please help me? I have a similar problem. I am in the beginning of act 2 and I am stuck in the Solace Glade…there is supposed to be a cutscene with Shandra but she never shows up…Please help me.