NWN2: Old Owl Well Cut Scene

I have been trying to get the Old Owl Well to load. I can’t get past the beginning credit screen. I saw online that there is a file that might have been deleted. But I can’t find the file or the saved files. I think because it is a multiplayer Saved file. Anyone have any idea what I can do to move forward?


You’ll find them in (default):
C:\Users\Username\Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\saves\multiplayer

This may not be your problem, but I couldn’t load areas, at times.

Suddenly, and only sometimes, my computer has stopped writing both save files for some individual areas within a save ( *.sav and *.Z)

“1300_Old_Owl_Well.sav” is present.
“1300_Old_Owl_Well.Z” is not present.

I had a problem with a quicksave.

*Note: When I noticed a problem, I renamed that quicksave to “000000 - quicksave corrupt”, to keep it for research. After loading a prior save, I made a new quicksave, which was saved correctly.

So, How did I fix it?

In Act III, I made a save before leaving Crossroad Keep and transitioning to Highcliff. After dealing with the lizardfolk in Highcliff, I made a quicksave. Next, I noticed the game would hang when my party was attempting to return to Crossroad Keep.
I looked into the quicksave and saw that the “2100_Crossroad_Keep_A2.Z” file was missing. Also, “2100_Crossroad_Keep_A2.Z” was missing from the two other saves I made while dealing with the lizardfolk.
“2100_Crossroad_Keep_A2.Z” was present in the save I made prior to leaving Crossroad Keep and traveling to Highcliff to deal with the lizardfolk.
I copied “2100_Crossroad_Keep_A2.Z” from the save made prior to leaving CK and pasted it into the quicksave made prior to leaving HC and returning to CK.
It worked!

*Yes, you read right. I’ve played NWN2 since 2006 and I SAVE EARLY AND SAVE OFTEN. I have over 350 saves for this runthrough and I’m not to the third battle with Light of the Heavens, yet.

Anyway, this is the first runthrough I’ve had with this “save problem”. It happens sporadically. Sometimes, it is only one “.Z” file missing from a save. Sometimes, there are several “.Z” files missing. It has happened while saving in different areas and different Acts. It happens after returning to an area, but there was no problem when the area was first visited. Sometimes, it happens during the first visit to an area, but not during a second visit.

I wonder if it was some recent Windows 10 update. I noticed this problem in the fall of 2020. My computer is a good rig. Lots of RAM, SSD, etc…

Good luck


I’ve had the Quick Save function fail occasionally in other campaigns and modules. I try to do a unique save whenever I complete a quest. For long quests I save when the journal updates. I do a save after successfully getting to the start of the next Act with all journal entries in the correct state, and so on, and so forth. The more data you have the better your chances of trouble shooting the problem.

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