NWN2 packer issue

Hi all. Trying to save a hak file with the NWN2 packer and it says I can’t because the file is in use, while it isn’t. Any clue why it does that?

your OS thinks some other app is holding the file “handle” open … maybe the toolset itself has dibs on it.

There are “file unlocking” programs, but they should only be used after all apps that could have opened a handle on the file have been closed – and so you’re sure that one of those apps did not properly release the file’s handle.

Try closing the toolset, then saving the .hak

else save what you can and reboot, or ->

(i’ve used Unlocker without issues in the past, iirc)


Toolset is closed, that’s why I ask :joy:. Rebooting should fix it. Perhaps it’s good for the PC to do it once in a while anyway :blush:

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The program window is closed, but the program process itself may be still hanging in the background. Try looking in the Windows Task Manager for a process named nwn2toolset.exe (or so) and terminating it manually.