NWN2 Platinum Patching Question

So I apologize if this could be hunted down somewhere, but here goes. I have installed all 3 platinum cds. My version is currently 1.020 (1541). My question is in looking at the NWN Vault patches I see these 3 patches:


Do I need to install all of these patches? and if so in what order should they be installed (I’m assuming the last one is last obviously), but do I need the scriptfix and the vofix patches and if so which should I do first and then second before applying the third patch? I have all the other patches ready from the third patch up to the final version 1231765



probly either order for the scriptfix and vofix files. Then _to1211549

but I do need them correct?

i’d say yes to scriptfix

the vofix is a bit unusual and I’m not sure how applicable what i’m about to say is to your setup. You see … if I remember this right, installing SoZ would delete the vo files. So they had to be, uh, patched …

So when i’m installing the game, before installing SoZ (i think it’s SoZ, it might be MotB) I backup the vo files, install SoZ, reinstate the vo files from my backup, then proceed …

but i install Gold + SoZ, not sure about Platinum.

Well the vofix is definitely an x2 patch meaning it should be applied to the SoZ. I’m just going to install them and check my old save game and see if it fixes the issue I was having with the Act II. Hoping using the iso I got for MoTB instead of the disk I had with potential corrupt sectors fixes my past issues.