NWN2 rapid shot

Hey everyone! I’ve a problem with the Rapid Shot feat: I can drag it to a hotbar but I can’t select it. Clicking in the icon just makes the usual sound, but icon doesn’t appear pressed and feat doen’t work. Ideas? Thanks!

It’s a mode and should be working on your mode bar – do you have something in the way that’s interfering with its use there?

Modes don’t typically work on the toolbar that I recall.

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rapid shot can be dragged to toolbar also

I notice that it won’t activate during, or soon after an action; seems like it has to wait a couple seconds till the action-queue clears thoroughly.

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Yes; it works in the toolbar… or, at least it did! But not anymore…

did your character do something silly like

  • lose the feat somehow
  • drop dex below 13
  • not meet armor restrictions ( if any/Ranger )



Errr… ummm… I don’t know how to say this…How to put it…
I’m ashamed to confess that I bought the “medium armour feat” and was using a scale mail when trying to activate the button. That’s a stupid thing like the ones you mentioned, kevL.
Guys, I’m really sorry to have wasted your time in this… Thank you very much. I’ve been playing NWN2 for YEARS! And I ask something like this! Gods! I won’t write here in a hundred years… Sorry, and thanks a lot!!!


don’t worry about it, George, post anytime ya like

(god knows how many times I’ve thought “this is broken” – then facepalm…)



You just made me laugh out loud! I do the same sort of crazy things quite often … It’s a sign of getting older … and we just aren’t quite a slick as we used to be playing these games. :wink:



I will second that statement.:sweat:

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Erm okay I think its better to ask here…

How do put spells into the hotbar?

How to cast spells?

I’d like to set spells for Qara. Right now she prefers to quarterstaff enemies instead of tossing fireballs…

It’s a wonder I got to Neverwinter in to OC without casting a single spell…

zzc Drag the spell you want to the hotbar that usually will do it. Though I use the quick cast myself. You may try turning off the AI and micromanage the whole party that way. That is what I do. The AI is just so helpful (not).

Yeah I tried that and it works somewhat.

Now how to put item spells in the hotbar?

Open the spell book and the drag the spells you want to the hotbar.

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Erm I mean like spells on rings, or boots. How to move those to the hotbar?

NWN1 was you put the item onto the hotbar, then open the radial and the spell with have a use suffix. Thats not possible in NWN2.

items can be dropped on the hotbar in 2 also. If it’s equippable, click equips/unequips, else right click for usage menu; if not, either click should bring up the use-menu.

it works the same as 1 only different,