NWN2 Sound Crash Issues (Toolset & Possibly In Game) - (RESOLVED)

Hi All,

This is a final post from this thread to highlight its resolution (for me at least):

OK, I did some digging around on my theory that there was an issue with my sound somehow, and eventually managed to find this program that fixes codecs:-


I finally got to the bottom of what was causing my sound issues after months of searching … It was the direct filters for sound related to some old programs I have on my computer that came with the CDROM I have on the computer: Nero and Cyberlink software. The software must be past its register date or something (or just corrupted) for as soon as I disabled all these filters my toolset now works as it should!


Bear in mind that I was also having the occasional sound issue in game (causing me to crash), so this might have some bearing anyway.

EDIT: I used the tool I link to above to disable these direct filters. (I will probably uninstall the software too, as I hardly use it nowadays.)

NB: You can get the same result (normally), just by removing the program that installed these DirectShow filters. So, in my case, I uninstalled Nero Essentials and Cyberlink Power DVD and all the “broken” filters were removed permanently. i.e. I did not have to use the codec utility to manually disable them.

Cheers, Lance.

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