NWN2 Star Wars Mod


And the files are there in a link to download. A sci-fi tileset, placeables, etc. I’ve downloaded the files because I don’t think it’s on here. Credit to andgalf on Discord for finding this.

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Where are the files?



Looks like work to do after the vacation period. Energy blaster, yeah :grin:.

Thanks Fester_Pot.

Word of warning . . . I noticed a dialog.tlk and nwn2.ini file. Make sure to do a backup of your old file first.

Thanks Kamal, It was by luck that I stumbled upon this. I did a backup of everything and tried it out yesterday. The areas look really good in my opinion. It is a bit buggy and some areas becomes really laggy for some reason. I also really like the new loading screen and screen when you enter the game, it has a really nice KOTOR vibe to it all. And also the sounds are great. I’m sure talented people here will have use for it if they want to do something with a sci fi setting or Star Wars setting. A great start for anyone making a module or a PW.

I love how casually they point and shoot the blasters :smiley:

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That’s about it, I looked through all the areas. Most useful would probably be those buildings after giving them some updated texturing. All the object textures seem to be pretty low resolution.


A 15 minute test of overriding some textures with ones from RWS Adobe. This is the same section of area as the first two pictures I put in the thread.


Add rjshae’s modern placeables and sundry items, yaddaman’s KOTOR uniforms, loki’s modern weapons, krighaur and others’ clothes, star wars mod’s placeables and energy weapons … and last but not least Kamal’s skills, you’ve got quite a nice material to build a sci fi mod. :grinning:

You’ll have to mostly make do with fantasy creatures for aliens though.

Did the tarrasque model ever get made? If so it would make for a decent rancor.

Yes but this guy is basically an orc

And dragonborn would make for a suitable version of this guy:

Halfling in hooded robe:

If you weren’t doing Star Wars specifically, then you can do whatever I suppose.

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There’s not enough stuff in this package to actually make a Stars Wars mod, what you see in the pictures is pretty much it. It would be impossible without lots of extra sci fi content. As Claudius said, you’ll need a tone of extra stuff to make a sci-fi mod, though this package at least give us a sci-fi tileset (I haven’t checked the tileset for completeness yet).

With the buildings, there is enough there that they could be reskinned into another building style, much like we have with standard stuff, swampy, Mulsantir, Samarach, adobe, and arid.

Is there some other architectural style people think might fit these buildings? I mean I could make them using the rws adobe textures, but then they just become a third desert style.

Yes and No. No if you use elves, dwarves, tieflings, yuan-ti, halflings … as aliens (friendly or not). Yes if you need more (as in 16 Cygni : Strike Back), there is quite a collection of fantasy creatures, vanilla or mods. Basically it’s often what they do in sci fi movies.


I have also used Eberron placeables which fit quite well the bill.

I’m thinking something like this african architecture. The buildings are a good match for the relatively plain geometry of the star wars mod buildings, the sets for Tattooine were in Tunisia in Africa anyway, and it would give us an "african’ building set.

PLUSH HYENA of DOOM has some textures in an African pack I could probably ask to use.

Egypt would also be a possibility.

/can you tell I am a fan of PHoD’s work?

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