NWN2 Star Wars Mod

This is pretty amazing looking - would it be possible to … borrow assets from KotoR 2? I seem to recall that was obsidian as well - perhaps that could provide you with some easy to snag 3D art?

From the snapshots it’s quite obvious that some textures and placeables (the console and crates for instance) were borrowed from KOTOR. The bar looks the same bar as on Tatooine (KOTOR iirc) . Yaddaman’s uniforms were also taken from KOTOR. Unfortunately I don’t know how.

PHo’s work is impressive for sure. Both styles would be a possibility indeed.

Cool - I never played the games, I just knew of them, and thought it might be an easy way to get art. It seems they had the idea well before I did.

Who isn’t a fan of PHoD’s work, Kamal. lol I know I am.

I had a look at the tiles; they’re pretty limited – not a full set. But the Black Vulkar tiles do look a bit like what I’d imagine a sci-fi tileset to resemble. With a lot of rework it could probably be turned into a full set.

Tinting has been added to the example building, back left is no tints selected, right is red/green/blue tint.The african designs I saw tended to use a dark paint so the small one in front is a more representative tint. People on Discord chose the roof texture option from some choices I presented.

With that set, I will need to do some more textures, and adjust some parts to use different textures than they currently do.


Things are progressing along. There are now baked mud benches, floral boxes, and some buildings have a different texture style and tintmap. A quasi African/tribal style is the goal for what I am doing with the placeables.

seating_flora_boxes_and_metal_towers walls_and_doors

tintgreen tintred tint0

cer1 cer3




For Star Wars (KOTOR) textures.

I’ve got all the placeables from Tattooine in-game with updated texture and placeable names that aren’t likely to override other content (crate.tga as a texture name for instance). The textures for the newly added ones need to be switched over to the african/tribal theme. The round table from the cantina will make for some interesting options, a round table, maybe a big drum to play.

Next step is going through the non-Tatooine areas, and looking for objects that didn’t get put in the module.

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There also the KOTOR Outfits and scum and villany pack . . . maybe all of these could be rolled up into one star wars pack.


There are outfits in this pack, though I am not dealing with them, only the placeables. Might be the same outfits.

There has been a lot of progress with getting more placeables into the world with my texture naming and placeable naming. Nothing really to show though, it’s all “under the hood” prep work for putting new textures into place. I hope to have time today to finish this part of the process today.

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Ran into the first large scale issue with the star wars stuff, and it’s literally a large scale issue. Most of the placeables are large scale, one bench is about 50 meters tall for instance.

In the demo module they had set the scale of everything to be appropriate. But things are almost all wildely large. If you’ve used the mouse wheel to scale a placeable, then you’ll know when you get to very large/small the gaps between sizes get to be huge. So I am going to have to go back to the demo module and see the scale all the models are set at, then set the updated models themselves to that scale.

I wonder if that was the reason to the module being incredibly laggy when I tested it. When trying to zoom in with the camera in the cantina for example, the computer had to work really hard…

Now the fun can begin! I’ve gone and modified all the models so they are actually the size they are used in the demo module (so 1,1,1 instead of some tiny fraction of that), and gotten them all using more unique texture and object names.


And for the first example of fun: this table. Untinted one at left. I still have to decide on a texture for the base of the table. It will make a nifty rug as well.


Beautiful work!

There were a number of potential issues, but I don’t know enough about how the game handles objects to know. I think rjshae knows much more about object performance.

Almost all the objects were greatly scaled down, buildings and walls in the demo were scaled to .15 for instance. Some objects were scaled to .02.

Textures were .tga when the models reference .dds. The game can deal with that, but it may affect performance.

Texture sizes were huge, 15 megabyte tgas for instance on some objects. My toolset would briefly hang when trying to place some objects that used those.

Not an issue: the models themselves are relatively low poly, reflecting their flat edges.