NWN2 Style NUI Spell widget

The last few days I’ve been working on an NWN2 style spell widget using the NUI system. I’ve got a couple of more things to work on before sharing it, but I figured I could show a quick preview to see if anyone might be interested in using it. It should be pretty easy to plug in to a module. Using it as an override might be a bit trickier, especially for any modules using an old classes 2da.

Anyway, here are a couple of videos showing it in action. The first one is just a basic video showing a sorcerer slinging fireballs.
NUI Spell Widget demo

Second video shows a Fighter/Blackguard/Assassin with custom spell books using the widget.
NUI Spell Widget - Custom Spell Books

I’ll hopefully be done with it, including an override version, by the end of the weekend.

Things on my list before it’s ready:

  1. Sorcerer/Bard meta-magic feats.
  2. Dealing with spells with sub-radial menus.
  3. Override scripts.

I do have to add that having a NUI window open in combat could cause problems. If your mouse pointer is on a NUI window, all keyboard events get swallowed, including key up events. This is mostly just a problem if you have a key pressed down when the mouse moves over the NUI window and release it before the mouse leaves the window. It can cause that key to get stuck, so just something to be aware of with all NUI windows, not just the spell widget.


Okay, it’s been released in to the wild.
NUI Spell Widget
Let me know if any issues pop up.



I don’t play mages, so I probably won’t use it at all, but I gotta say this is impressive.

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After some feedback, I’ve updated it with a few changes. Multiples of spells are now rolled in to a single button and there is a configuration window that allows you to edit the size of the buttons, the margins, and toggle the resizable flag on the NUI windows

Sorry to resurrect this but having played with this since it was released I’ve come back to it today and in a new module managed to get the spells onscreen but for the life of me can’t remember how to pull up the config menu.

Anyone help an ageing brain . . .?

Assuming its based off Daz’s code, have you got your module events setup correctly?

Yeah, I think so. Altered all the suggested scripts in module properties. Will check again. Do you know which one is specifically to do with the config menu? I’m getting the spells showing onscreen no problem.

I’m typing sw:config into the chat box to bring it up but that’s not working. I’m now wondering if I’m using a pre config menu version but I had it working before. Cleared out override so that’s not the issue.

EDIT. Just working with the erf which I’ve re-downloaded to make sure it’s the latest version.

Sorted. I’d forgotten the Orb of Config was a separate item that had also to be added to inventory. Sorry !

No need to apologize, we all make mistakes :slight_smile:

Sorry for not responding, I was away from my computer for the holidays. I see you found a work around for the issue. As for the sw:config not working in the chat, try rerunning the sw_override script. It needs to be run again if moving from a 1.x version to a 2.x version.

All working fine. Thanks for the reply.