NWN2 toolset trying to add a party member from the charater GUI in a convo or object

hi all …

Just now getting back into nwn2 again after many many seasons.

I’m trying to setup an area could be an INN another NPC or even an object. This area is a starter area so you can add or remove characters from your party. Ones you create (not NPC’s.) I am having the time of my life trying to get this done. I do rem however that some time ago I was able to accomplish this I think I was making a campaign at the time, does it matter if its a mod or campaign?

basically what I’m wanting to do is open the gui for creating another character or using another premade one

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ok I was like holy crap I did it now just 1 problem

the add button is greyed out
btw I uses this script found in the SOZ modules

	Brings up the party creation GUI.
//	JSH-OEI 5/16/08

#include "ginc_debug"

const string GUI_PARTY_GEN_XML = "partygen.xml";

void main()
	object oPC = GetPCSpeaker();
	PrettyDebug("Party gen screen opening.");

any help will be appreciated

just thinking here but this seems to be the way it needs to work.

you have to have it in a campaign for it to work Will let you know if I still have the same issues

I’m not fully picking up what you’re asking for.

Maybe this, or its scripts can help?

SoZ Party Editor Menu

After reading your post again, I’m not sure it will help. Might want to take a look, though.

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That was it I guess it can be used in a mod alone as well but you would prob need a script to increase the number of players and add player creation

yes that is it. I found out that it needs to be done in a campaign

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ok so heres a new problem I made the lobby area into a mod alone and the rest of the areas into another mod. the feel was right to make it into a campaign to be able to us use the party editor rather the party additions in place. sounded like a good idea since you have to have 2 or more mods to make a campaign.

this is thur conversations talking to the DM. you tell him your ready to go and he wisks you away to another mod. only problem is the rest of my party is still at the DM’s place.

I’m almost thinking about making a fake mod to add to it and put the DM back with the other areas

(  not u don’t – a single module can be a Campaign  )


You have 2 GUI you can use for it. Perhaps 3. There is the default NWN2 campaign GUI for party that will help you manage a party of existing character.

There is the SOZ creation GUI that will help you create new character to add to your party

And the SOZ party edditor menu that has been reworking from some talented folks.

After the way you decide to open this GUI is up to you, you can call it from everything whitch can run a script.

There is also the option of beeing super ambitious and doing your own GUI.

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ok got it working alls good now thanks for the help. For some reason it would not let me add any party members to my party for a single campaign mod. I tried it again with a diff mod and its working. However I still can not get the GUI to come up for a regular mod unless its part of a campaign.

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I think the roster is a campaign component.

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ya it is just for campaigns. I was trying to us it in a mod but just wont work at least correctly

The SOZ party editor only works in campaigns. It can be a one module campaign though.




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Thank you. That’s nice.