NWN2: Wide Monitor Setup? (RESOLVED!)

I have been blessed to have been given a widescreen monitor, and am in the process of trying to setup the screen resolution.

At the moment, I believe I have it mostly there, but do not know how to get “fullscreen” to remove the top bar. Anyone have any information of they have done this.

NB: Currently, setting to fullscreen just resets the res to a lower setting, and even ignores anything within the ini setup file.

Required 3440 x 1440

Yes, I remember it took me several tries to get it working…

In nwn2.ini in your documents\NWN2 folder, in the [Display Options] section:

Width=3240 <= change to 3440
Height=2160 <= change to 1440

I think you have to start normally, select the 3440 x 1440 resolution (if it exists), quit the game, change manually in nwn2.ini if necessary, and then restart.

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Unfortunately, I tried this, and the problem is it adds black side bars using this setup … and rewrites the ini file to this … (I’ll try making it read only. OK, I managed to try this, but still no joy.)

Width=1920 < EVEN THOUGH I HAD USED 3440

Let me see if I can find something else. In the meantime, are you sure 3440 x 1440 is available in the list? I now remember I had to restart the game for NWN1 and set the font display at 125% (to recenter the screen), but for NWN2 I think I had to start at the default 800x600, then change the resolution.

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Thanks for taking a look at this… :+1:

At the moment, the highest available option in the game options is 1920 x 1080. I do not ever get any options for any higher resolutions no matter what I have currently tried.

In the meantime, I’ll try that default 800 x 600 you mention and try messing around from there.

EDIT: After messing around some more, I am still only able to get these settings to work … As you can see, I have to leave “FullScreen” as 0 to ensure the 3440 x 1411 “sticks”. (I actually had 1440, but the file gets rewritten with 1411. :thinking: Maybe to allow that top bar I am trying to get rid of.)

P.S. The monitor’s aspect ration is 21:9 (DELL AW3418DW)

[Display Options]

Disable Intro Movies=1
Height=1411 (< Rewritten to 1411, even though I originally entered 1440.)


I found a solution! Yeh!

I grabbed this utility (Borderless Gaming): Releases · Codeusa/Borderless-Gaming · GitHub

And so far, this has sorted the issue … (CAVEAT: Screen edge controls no longer scroll or turn screen. However, I tend to only use the middle mouse button held and alter view anyway.)