NWN2 World Map Editor & Windows 10?

Has anyone had success with the World Map Editor on Windows 10? All I get is a black screen; it does not want to show any icons or images.

I ran into an issue like that ages ago. Here’s what I wrote in my toolset notes:

Black Map Image

An issue when running the toolset in Windows Vista is that the WME map image may appear completely black. One solution for this is to load a new map in the following manner:

• Start the toolset in the default mode without opening a module.
• From the Plugins menu, select World Map Editor.
• From the File menu, choose Open… and open your module.
• In the World Map Editor, choose New from the File menu.
• Load a WorldMapImage file.

The image should now display properly. When you have done this once, the editor seems to run normally thereafter. However, if you open an existing WMP file, it may come up black again. In this case, just select the WorldMapImage file again and it should appear properly.

If the above approach doesn’t work, there is an alternative. For this method, note that the black map image problem occurs when using a Targa image file, but it does not with a D3D/DDS file. However, the width and height of a D3D/DDS file is limited to powers of two, such as 512 or 1024. Hence, a work-around is to copy your 647 × 647 Targa file image into the upper left corner of a 1024 × 1024 D3D/DDS image, then do your editing using the latter file. (To avoid errors with the file format, I used a copy of the world_map.tga file as the starting point. In PaintShopPro, I expanded the Targa file to 1024 × 1024, blanked it out, pasted in the new map.) Note: make sure that all of your map points are located within the original 647 × 647 image area and that the map width and height properties are set to 647.

The D3D/DDS image file should appear properly when you first select it from the file open dialog by selecting the ellipsis button in the WorldMapImage property field. If you later re-open the world map, you may need to re-select the image file again for it to display properly. When you are ready to put the map into play, just change the WorldMapImage property to the original Targa file, then save.