Nwn2fixes part2

Kevl_s thanks for looking that up for me, since I have play MoW in a long time no reason to modify Kaedrin. I’ll just take feat.2da out of nwn2 fixes.

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This zip file contains updated models that have added LoD parts for the stock clockroach, Imaskari golem, jinn, siege tower, snow leopard, giant spider, and treant creatures. I verified they still animate normally in-game.


I won’t bother with the akachi or ravenous incarnation, unless somebody really needs them.

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thanks again Rj

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Thanks kevL. I’m wondering now if there are any higher-poly stock placeables with the same issue.

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I did some work to look at the placeable models and I have an answer. Initially I was expecting just a few models might be missing LoD parts. In fact the surprising answer is it’s just the opposite. Looking at the models of 45 Kb or larger, I found 570 that were lacking LoD meshes; a pretty substantial fraction of the total. (A half dozen had L01 meshes but no L02.)

Of the remaining placebles, there are 1,384 below that size. Typically those have around 500 mesh faces or less.

One wonders how much of a performance improvement we’d get if the placeables were fitted with LoD meshes. Some of these meshes are quite huge. The PLC_NT_Myrkul model is 1.26 Mb in size with 19,108 faces. No wonder the game ground down performance-wise in that area.


investigate: DivineMight [nwn1 thread]


duplicates of nw_s1_bltdomn.nss/ncs were found …

resolved ( the difference is trivial ) but thanks for the report!

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I believe I’ve identified the problem with the bane of the module maker, the N_Human model. I just don’t know if fixing that would break anything.

@kamal care to elaborate?

(i notice there are any number of borks in the higher ranges of Appearance.2da)

male model (overlays the target creature for whatever reason)

but female model seems fine

Appearance.2da model/skel entries

single character scenes

It can be fixed by giving the N_Human the 2da lines of the regular human, which will allow the appearance to be used without that nasty attaching itself to random other creatures in the area, making it almost impossible to select the null human to remove it. I figured it out because I was working on 2das for something else.


And I thought I had something wrong in my custom creatures’ 2da, mdb or gr2 files! No surprise I couldn’t fix this, I never suspected it came from the N_Human model I regularly use for testing.

Same question as kevL_s, I’m really interested in knowing what’s causing the partial invisibility in other creatures. Usually, it comes from a missing head number or skeleton conflict (at least, from my experience).

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No head? => yep, n_hhm_head01 is missing in Data\Models*.zip
I cloned head02, and sevi now shows n_human male with a head (Aldanon’s if I remember correctly) :slight_smile:


question, why are some of the 2da entries P_HH? and others N_HH?

is that a conflict/anomaly, or would it be normal/expected ?

Basically, P_HH? is for Player characters whereas N_HH?, while using the same p_hh?_skel, are for Non player characters. It’s only some sort of filter so players wouldn’t be able to create their own character with the face of an NPC from the OC or expansions (imagine the PC talking to himself because the heads are the same!)

LABEL NWN2_Model_Body NWN2_Model_Helm NWN2_Model_Head NWN2_Model_Hair NWN2_Head_Skeleton NWN2_Skeleton_File
6 Human P_HH? P_HH? P_HH?_Head P_HH?_Hair P_HH?_Skel P_HH?_Skel
573 N_Human P_HH? P_HH? N_HH?_Head N_HH?_hair N_HH?_Skel P_HH?_Skel
579 NPC_GithCaptain N_Githcap N_Githcap N_Githcap_Head **** N_Githcap_Skel P_HHM_Skel
580 NPC_Lorne N_Lorne N_Lorne N_Lorne_Head **** N_Lorne_Skel P_HHM_Skel

Of course, sometimes a specific body/head set was created instead of using generic ones (Lorne’s case for instance, as shown above).

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ah …

i think ill copy head02 like you say and toss it into Nwn2Fixes …

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but am leary of doing that

because if a module designer/builder has Nwn2Fixes and starts using N_Human there’s not problem. But if a player then plays the module w/out the fix it all goes wtf


am tempted to throw in the fix anyway because, well a fix is a fix.

A better solution for builders would probably to eliminate null human from the appearance.2da entirely. It doesn’t seem to have any difference to regular human.

I have no idea of what/how null human gets used in the official campaigns, or even what would be a good way to determine if or how it gets used. Eliminating null human appearance could cause some unexpected issue somewhere.

Since the NPC_ appearances tend to use the N_ head model I wonder if null human is some sort of dummy example Obsidian worked with to set up the NPC appearances.

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I’d rather think “N” stands for “NPC” than “null”… As a matter of fact, N_Human appearance is used for Bevil, Bishop, Ammon Jerro, Casavir, Gann, Nevalle (to name just a few - and I didn’t list the female NPC).

I believe N_Human appearance was just a way to make sure the players would only use the p_hh?_heads and not n_hh?_heads upon creation of their characters, thus ensuring the NPC would have a unique head.


This probably has no bearing whatsoever, but are some of the “gaps” for special additions like “wings” being added and fitting more smoothly? (If selected for the model.)

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Thanks to @Axe_Edge and @Akhacha

PC drops inventory while unequipping weapons (OC, Act III, West Harbor)