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recently added several SoZ fixes. eg, training for Teamwork feats, stop dropping lizard claws (creature weapons), etc.



Does anybody know if the bug for cloak #12 has been fixed? The faces are flipped (so the licorn pattern doesn’t show). I already fixed the p_hhm_cl_cloak12 mdb (as I needed it for my ridable horses while wearing cloaks), and wondered if I should start for all the other possibilities: if it’s not been discovered yet, I’ll work on it.

this is the folder containing all the stock model fixes (.MDBs) so far (i think).

The originals would be in the stock /Data folder of installation. (if an expansion ships the model it could be in a different folder… er, maybe…)

anyway, have a look

note, however, that some other add-on/fix-up may have addressed it (on an off chance…)

i’m not terribly big on models sry. but i’d toss it in if you feel it/they belong in

Thanks. Well, I couldn’t find the cloak in the models, and the texture is not listed either. A search on this site came up empty, so I’m gonna correct the mdb’s.

Just in case… Did you check the NwN2 section of Rolovault. That holds the entirety of the scrape of the old ign vault. I don’t know how much (if anything) remains to be brought to the front of house and out of storage still.


Actually, weird as it is, the holy symbol of Mielikki, a unicorn, adorns the interior of Forestqueen’s Blessing cloak.
No bug then, but I still decided to swap the faces so there’s now a p_xx?_cl_cloak23 with the licorn pattern visible.



i mean, what were they thinking

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Fix for ‘ginc_group’:

// sets specified spawn in condition for all in group
void GroupSetSpawnInCondition(string sGroupName, int nCondition, int bValid = TRUE)
	object oMember = GetFirstInGroup(sGroupName);

	while (GetIsObjectValid(oMember))
		SetSpawnInCondition(nCondition, bValid);
		oMember = GetNextInGroup(sGroupName);

The line with SetSpawnInCondition(nCondition, bValid); should be replaced with
AssignCommand(oMember, SetSpawnInCondition(nCondition, bValid));.

The same goes to void GroupWander(string sGroupName, int bValid = TRUE) function.

// Turns ambient animations flag on/off for all in group
void GroupWander(string sGroupName, int bValid = TRUE)
	object oMember = GetFirstInGroup(sGroupName);

	while (GetIsObjectValid(oMember))
		SetSpawnInCondition(NW_FLAG_AMBIENT_ANIMATIONS, bValid);
		if (bValid)
			AssignCommand(oMember, PlayMobileAmbientAnimations());
			AssignCommand(oMember, ClearAllActions());

		oMember = GetNextInGroup(sGroupName);

thank you


@Aqvilinus - have a look at these potential bugs in ‘ginc_group’ if/when you’ve got some time …

@kevL_s Ok, I’ll check it.

Not sure if you have this one yet: in the ‘gc_alignment’ script the ‘CheckAlignment’ function checks Good/Evil value against nAlignCheck but Law/Chaos value against nCheck. Looks buggy.

got that one, Rj

things like that still lurk here and there …

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In the ‘examine.xml’ is the following parameter for a UIText tag:


I suspect it should look like this:

uppercase=true fontFamily=“Default”

Should I get all of those fixes? I already ran into the garius keep battle bug already. As fun as it was to see near death cloaks and undead fruitlessly beating each other, its not fun if the game cannot move on…

I only have tony henchman in the override presently. And many class override to make illegal chars for self enjoyment.

@zzc: well it’s your call, but I’d say that testing them further (and reporting your findings) would be beneficial.

In the ‘gfx_options.xml’ is the following parameter for a UIText tag:


It should be:


ig_chargen_abilities.xml has a OnToolTip=UIObject_Tooltip_displayObject entry with an unmatched double quote:


It should look like this:


Ed.: This issue seems to be true of all the ig_chargen_*.xml files. Is it a problem then? Maybe not.


this appears to be in a commented-out section of the xml … but it’s in anyway.

done * 19

Tks, Rj

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if using Nwn2Fixes with any other mods (ie. anything else in \Override) I strongly suggest running a file-duplication checker against your \Override folder AND your \UI folder.

google find duplicate files

then if something you’re not sure about comes up, it can likely be resolved in the forums (Kaedrin’s PrC Pack is not supported – neither is any other mod really – but as far as the kPrC goes somebody’s gotta be having a pretty good day …)

I’ll have a look into that using a test folder.

Btw can anyone look into why I get a character level disallowed message;

2018 sept 13 - recently added changes to a few mithral armors.

Aslyferund Elven Chain (stock blueprint)
Mithral Chain of Greater Frost Resistance +4 (stock blueprint)
Niyra Mithral Chainmail Drop (in module OC:2200_Port_Last)

They are material-type Mithral but didn’t have an ArmorRuleStat for mithral (half-weight, lower ASF and ACP, etc).

wait … okay.