In nwn2_icons.2da in the fixes, there is missing 2 lines from Westgate:
2500 and 2501, they say “padding_Ossian”

It should be:
2500: it_he_nightmask
2501: it_qi_hamster

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got it. Thank ya


Couldn’t enter West Harbor after putting down Voarag and Waervaer.

Howdy! Yep, still here.

Last night, during a solo run through, I was completing Dragon Hunt. My monk doesn’t do tons of damage, so going in and out of HIPS drags out the battle. Voarag went down, then, Waervaer. Talked to everyone, but no conversations to enter West Harbor. Oops, who’s that on the ground? Dang it, it’s Mayor Lazlo! I didn’t notice his ultimate sacrifice during the second phase of the battle.

The harbormen are hard, but must really be enept intellectually and can’t figure out how to open the gates without the mayor’s directions.

Being a long time NWN2 player, “Save Early, Save Often” is my mantra. Reloaded after Voarag’s death, downed the second Draco, and with the Mayor still standing I was able to enter the town once again.

Only override stuffs are graphical upgrades, inventory upgrade, and nwnfixes.

KevL, is it true you don’t own MoW?


heya Axe,
iirc the folk at WestHarbor are supposed to auto-rez after Voarag and Waervaer… will have a look

SoZ Module: T_X2
area: t01_west_harbor
OnClientEnter: t01_client_enter_new - closes the gate, spawns the dragons etc, calls

GroupOnDeathExecuteCustomScript("T01 Dragons", "t01_a_dragonsdead");

The group “T01 Dragons” has Voarag, Waervaer, and 2 lizardmen elites. When the dragon-group is finished off ->

t01_a_dragonsdead calls

GroupResurrect("T01 Field");

Group “T01 Field” has Lazlo, Pitney, and Ginni (set in the ClientEnter script). Lazlo should try to initiate dialog. But if ‘bDragonDeal’ is true, Lazlo is set scripthidden and the gate opens automatically.

else, Lazlo’s dialog, t01_fieldlazlo, has nodes that (a) unlock the door inside WestHarbor to the player’s trading post and (b) fires t01_a_destroy_fieldgroup, which executes script t01_a_gate_open but doesn’t destroy the fieldgroup.  :|

long story short, i don’t want to change anything without knowing exactly where it failed. My best guess is GroupOnDeath* or GroupResurrect … while i have seen group-functs fail (pseudo-randomly), it also seems odd that GroupResurrect() assigns the command to the dead party member, to resurrect itself


Yeah, Lazy Lazlo pushed up daisies for about ten real-time minutes while I was taking screenshots and looking to see if it had happened to anyone else. I wanted to use a Raise Dead scroll the monk carried, but his UMD isn’t high enough, yet.

Lazy Lazlo: N, F6, 84hp, AC20, AB+9

Did anyone ever fix the problem with the Siege Towers some time screwing up?
(" . . . Towers land on the wall, but don’t discharge any enemies (they are supposed to “produce” a lot of undead). You can’t destroy them - you can damage them only till the “Near Death” condition. That’s it.")

I recently was playing the OC and this happened to me. Apparently there was a fix on the old bioware forums but that was shut down so it’s inaccessible (IE "Well, I had the same problem and I think I found the solution:
http://social.bioware.com/%2522%2522%2522http:/social.bioware.com/forum/1/topic/158/index/7770511/1 ").

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I don’t think the siege towers have been modified (yet). Personally i haven’t seen the immortal undead… but i have seen a tower or two stop before it gets to the wall – both of which strike me as game-breaking

edit: oh, the towers are immortal i get it …

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lol / this could have helped unless Lazlo’s corpse is untargetable.


in \override (it’s a standalone IG tool and shouldn’t affect anything or cause any conflicts unless it’s invoked and used haphazardly)

edit: It could probly make short work of immortal undead also.

It seems you have a modified version of the appearance.2da in your override that causes this behaviour. I wrote about that here: Pain's Monster Pack

I’ve told @kamal about that problem, but he didn’t pay attention to it.


Must have missed it. I will look.

This should be included in the NWN2Fixes package, I guess.
Orientation fix for the attachment points on the Obsidian Werewolf skeleton.

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line 1178+

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Note that this change does NOT fix scripts that have already been compiled.

I did a search over all the scripts in the stock game (inlcuding all modules and campaigns, I have them all unpacked) and there’s only one script that uses that function: ga_take_item. It’s worth recompiling it.

(un)insightful comment from an original scripter

//TakeNumItems(oCrate,"BoxofUnstableBlastglobes",1);//this is not working as it should (long tag?)


12_a_bty_pay isn’t used by the game, btw. It’s something cut from the OC, why I didn’t mention it.

oh / lol - that explains why its so effed

I just wanted to thank everyone involved in this project. I’ve always wanted to play through NWN2 without nasty bugs, and you guys are making that come true. All the best.