Forbidden spells



Passing an integer value of from 2 to 9 to the ItemPropertyImmunityToSpell(nLevel) call will set its GetItemPropertyCostTableValue(iprop) returned value to nLevel-1. Passing an nLevel value of ‘1’ will result in an invalid cost table value result of ‘-1’. Basically it looks like you can’t make something immune to only 1st level spells. There’s probably no way to fix this though.

I suspect level 1 was disabled since an nLevel of 1 would result in a cost of 0. But that seems dumb; why not fix it to use nLevel? Ah well.


interesting, Rj

i’ll have a look myself when time permits,

Are you sure there isn’t an item (stock) that grants immunity to 1st level spells like Magic Missile? …


There’s an item property call to add immunity to specific spells. Is that what you mean?

It might be that the toolset works differently. I was just working with the script calls.


in the toolset there’s an AvailableProperty “Immunity: Spells by Level”

in its CostValue dropdown are the following:

Level 1 or Lower
Level 2 or Lower
Level 3 or Lower
Level 4 or Lower
Level 5 or Lower
Level 6 or Lower
Level 7 or Lower
Level 8 or Lower
Level 9 or Lower

requires tinkering to figure out what’s going on tho.

as far as i’m aware any IP that can be scripted can be set on an item in the toolset, and vice versa


The ItemPropertyDamageReduction function seems to be messed up, or at least the toolset documentation is incorrect. It is unclear what goes in the nDRSubType field, for example. The documentation says something about an nDmgBonus field, but there’s non-such in the function definition. I tried putting in various values, but I just end up with an invalid itemproperty.


DamageReduction isn’t an IP anymore. It doesn’t script as an itemproperty (although as an effect it scripts fine)

the only way, apparently, to apply the DamageReduction property to an item is with the toolset.

point is, it’s not an IP anymore – it’s its own beast in Nwn2 – so the function that was used to apply it is obsolete.

Edit: changed “work” to (verb) “script”


Only way I know to put Damage Reduction on an item is to use the GFF editor. Sometimes I put Damage Reduction 5/- on Fire Mephit Padded Armor, but only after I am finished enchanting it. Tried doing it first once and could not enchant it afterwards. Don’t know why.


fleenots discovered a bug that left 2 Ward Mossfelds in the OC’s opening battle in WestHarbor (right after the tutorial ends)

I may try to get Georg and Tarmas to participate in the second part of the battle later. They seem to want to sit on their butts … so you (people who keep up to date w/ Nwn2Fixes) might want to wait a few days before downloading – to see if I see if they ought participate. Atm it seems that they should … their chatter is pretty gung-ho

EDIT: ayep i see their waypoints on the battle-line but they ain’t there


You might look at some of my fixes regarding West Harbor (it’s in beta version still, so use with caution). I refactored all battle related scripts (11_in_postattack, 11_in_atkend, 11_in_atkwarn, 11_in_endsetup, 11_tr_arrow, 11_tr_charge, 11_tr_startwaves, etc), Georg and Tarmas participate in the battle as they should do. It may help you to save a couple of days.



no offense, Aqvi, but i try to look at the OC as little as possible these days. It’s really getting on my nerves, it’s just so effing baadf00d.

Don’t get me wrong: I still pound away at my personal “fixes” (more like rewrite) for days or weeks at a time. But there i just start from the top of a script and rewrite the whole dang thing. But if something screws up [or alters from the original intent] it affects only myself.

Nwn2Fixes, by contrast, is and was always ever meant to be surgical: leave it cr*ppy, figure out what’s wrong and do a pinpoint fix. That is no refactoring (*)

I mean sure Georg and Tarmas participate in the battle as they should… I often use Lt.Danger’s AAR playthough as a reference, and they appear in his screenshots as they should – and i’m sure he didn’t use any modifications at all.

on the other hand, fleenots expressed it quite well:

Anyway, i’ll tinker away at ‘11_a_georg_lv’ for now … that’s fired from his dialog and either (a) moves Georg and his guards to the gathering point, or (b) moves Georg and all recruits to the battle-line in the wheatfield.

Yet as a resource for others (or myself for that matter) your stuff is always welcome in the thread, afaiac

* i got fed up and in the script am working on now, appears this note:

// kevL 2019 apr 14 - got sick of looking at their crapcode and refactored it

/shrug lol arg runs for the hills pulling his hair out etc ad hoc

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Sure, no hard feelings :wink: My approach tend to be more thorough and may not suit very well for NWN2Fixes’s concepts. Btw, while tinkering with WH’s scripts and reading comments in them, I discovered that they were written when the engine hadn’t supported some useful functions like AssignCutsceneActionToObject and some others. It was funny to rewrite these scripts in a more neat form. Though I know It wasn’t necesseary here, but anyway. Cheers.


Regarding Tarmas: he stucks on his way to the farm due to ForceRest calls in his heartbeat script. If you remove this line, he will move to his waypoint. But there’s another problem: if you look at his properties, you’ll discover that he doesn’t have any wizard spells in his arsenal… and he will fight in melee during the battle (so that these ForceRest calls are useless here anyway).


thank ya, will have a look at Tarmas while twiddling


Maybe he used up all his spells dueling the Githyanki that kills Ms. Fern.


(I mean that from a gameplay-story segregation perspective, not from a position of game-play mechanics of course - and tongue-in-cheek at that.)

The insta-rest thing took already OP 3rd edition casters and made them monsters. But I am digressing into OT territory. Ignore my late night insomniac ramblings.

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I just remembered;

the last wave of dwarves sometimes does not appear, forcing a whole campaign restart, or a reload if you did the tutorial and saved there.


I ran into a similar problem only once, when I saved the game right after the last creature from the third enemy wave was killed and loaded the game later from that moment… The convo didn’t start. Reloading the game again fixed this. I guess it might be the problem with initiating a conversation with IPSpeaker through a group OnDeath script, but this problem is very rare and pretty random. I don’t think it can be fixed.

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So i injected a Tarmas .UTC (resref of Tarmas, but with spells!) in the OnClientEnter.

result: don’t give Tarmas AoEs cause he’ll //accidentally// blast the recruits …

re. Tarmas’ OnHeartbeat, this seems to work –

// '11_b_tarmas_hb'
    Tarmas rests every heartbeat so he has full spells.
// EPF 9/30/05
// kevL 2019 apr 14 - don't forcerest if Tarmas is doing an action or dialog

void main()
    object oTarmas = OBJECT_SELF;

    if (!GetLocalInt(oTarmas, "bInCutscene")
        && GetLocalInt(GetModule(), "11_shield_on") == 1
        && !IsInConversation(oTarmas) // kL_fix: check for NO current action
        && GetCurrentAction() == ACTION_INVALID)
    ExecuteScript("nw_c2_default1", oTarmas);

Hahaha… he’s one of those wizards that casts fireballs in the middle of a melee full of his own party… :slight_smile:

Explains why he’s exiled to a small village in a swamp…


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