Does this fix cover Westgate as well?

I have the gog version.

Side Quest: The Deathtrap

After helping the wizards/harpers kill the lich, you follow them back via the portal, and are supposed to leave.

But you can kill them one by one, and they do not react at all. Even your companions will not attack them when you do. Very easy loot.

i don’t have Westgate but if someone has a fix, there’s a Westgate folder

I forgot to ask, I just put everything into the override folder right?

I think the OC is quite well made, just like NWN1 OC. Long and very good replay value for me.

yes, unzip to your Documents’

Neverwinter Nights 2\Override

folder. The “player-master” heirarchy should/will be created there.

Then run a duplicate file checker if there’s anything else in \Override (or play it by ear…)

I don’t mind it either, though they both get bad rep. /shrug


Oops I actually manually copied everything into the override…

should be the same thing :slight_smile:

just that, you probably want it all in a subfolder …

Fixed it;

so its Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\override\player-master

then it shows these folders;

sounds good


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I might just try the sexy hak next… but it looks rather complicated for me.

if you really want it you’ll figure it out, this ain’t rocket science

Hello have you check this comment by Aqvilinus from the old thread?

“As I’ve been working on my own “fix compilation”, going through each file, noticed that you included without change WRFan’s 20_cain.DLG (the “Battle of the Bards” quest), where some his stupid “fix” is left: disabled Performance checks for non-bard classes. There’re some (custom or not) prestige classes that can pass these checks.”


And have you incorporated fixes by travus from this post in the old thread?


I believe that github version is the most up to date, and so pulled it from there.

That’s totally unrelated to my questions.

The project page does mention that it is no longer updated;
The downloads below are not currently being updated. To get the most recent files, download @GitHub.

I know about all that. This fix pack is still being updated on github, just not maintained on the vault. I am not asking about that at all. I asked the modder team maintaining the fix pack whether certain features was incorporated into the pack. You are not the modder team of this pack, so the question was not directed at you.

Please let the team answer. Thanks.

the short answer: no Aqvilinus’ rework of WRFan’s PlotFixes is not included and no Travus’ fixes for dialogs are not included either. It’s not because they aren’t good, they’re probably great and should be included.

But the “team” is just one guy (me) who sort of had this foisted on him (no offense kamal you did a good thing). On a personal note I prefer to vet things before committing them but I do.not.like looking at dialogs. I do not like sorting through dialogs. So the thought of going through more than one or two of them is like getting a creampie with a rock in it.

maybe i’ll do it anyway because i know it should …

As to WRFan’s so-called “PlotFixes”, i’ve seen enough of it to recognize it as a mungy nightmare. Maybe Aqvilinus has a magic wand, I really don’t know. But i’d prefer to take in each issue one at a time so it can be considered with due circumspect.

Add to that there’s a player posting nonstop issues to the github repo who feels that anything/everything he doesn’t like or doesn’t understand is a bug.

tl;dr don’t expect miracles since i stopped performing those decades ago


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Thank you for your reply. I am understand your points and I appreciates that you use your free time to make these fixes. And it is your free time so you can use it however you wish, you don’t own anyone anything. But these fixes are great for the community, and I thank you for it.

However, if it’s possible, can you look at the 20_cain.DLG and remove the unwanted residue from WRFan that prevent the non-bard char from picking the Perform check dialogue choices?

I will help testing another one from travus, because it’s a bug that I found during my playthrough. I will report the result later. It’s about Trent Vendall in dock area mistakenly spawn at two locations.
“10_cormick - Trent would incorrectly spawn right next to Cormick after speaking with Cormick about the docks sweep. Removed the create object script from end of the docks sweep branch as Trent is already correctly spawned through 10a_faulk_state script. Added a faction check to the Shadow Thief node.”

Thanks again

yep. Right now am trying to figure out why Hold Monster isn’t working against a Fell Troll …

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And have you incorporated fixes by travus from this post in the old thread?


For those that are wondering, the fixed files that I made (referred in above post by sanpats) are still available at this link:

Please note that there are a few files that are no longer used. I included them anyways just in-case for completeness. It won’t have any affect on game play if they aren’t used.