I tested 10_cormick.DLG, one of travus’ fixes. It fixed the bug I found perfectly. Trent Vendall, the drinking loiterer in the Docks Area, no longer spawn at two locations (one where he’s supposed to be, another beside Cormick). With this fix his doppelganger will no longer drinking inside the City Watch Building!

I’ve created a pull request at GitHub.


Thanks @travus for the fix.


excellent. PRs are much easier to deal with (and if it’s a dialog, i just shuffle it in w/ credit)

Hold Monster vs. Fell Troll, turns out that EffectParalyze() won’t stick on a creature w/ the Immortal flag … (trolls are immortal to make their “must be killed with acid or fire” mechanic to work.)

so, not sure what to do bout that if anything.


uh… why has |give loaner lute| actionscript been removed?

( i feel my ptsd coming back )

To put it another way, what needed to be “fixed” in 20_cain — since i suspect it’s much easier to start with the stock dialog and make that change rather than trying to “revert” something that can’t really be reverted.


I gave kevl access to the generic account because he was the only one fixing stuff in the OC when people reported bugs.

Also the community needed to be able to point people to something other than wrfan’s stuff. Even a minimal fix of things is better.


The problem is 20_cain.DLG currently in your fix compilation is WRFan’s, and includes his weird and unneeded modification.


I agree that start from a clean original 20_cain.DLG would be better.

The description in your fix pack is “20_cain: Fixed Sleight of Hand check during the Battle of Bards with Caine (was checking player’s Perform skill rank instead). “[Sleight of Hand] [Cut one of the strings on Cain’s lute.]” Fixed several influence checks with Grobnar.”

May be that’s easier to be redone from scratch than try to guess what WRFan changed and try to revert those changes.


have been comparing the two files (stock vs. WRFan’s) and see the Sleight of Hand mismatch (was checking Perform) and I see several influence checks /w Grobnar have been changed …

The PC makes checks against his/her influence with Grobnar numerous times. But the value checked against seems to be arbitrary: I see required influence values of

10, 5, 15,10, 20,15, 25,25 // stock
10,10, 15,15, 20,20, 25,25 // WRFan's

They are grouped in pairs within different nodes (as the difficulty of repeating the riffs progresses), such that if the first in the pair fails, the dialog falls through to the second node. If the first node is chosen then Grobnar says something before repeating the riff to help the PC out; if it fails Grobnar still helps the PC but doesn’t say anything before doing so; if both influence checks fail, Grobnar makes an excuse and doesn’t repeat the riff.

Which means that having the higher value for both nodes makes it harder for the PC since the lower influence node will always fail (it has the same value as the higher node, therefore the dialog falls right through to the fail-node).

The mistake in the stock script appears to be using “25” for both of the final, most difficult checks. It looks like it should be “25,20”

So I’ll start with the stock dialog, make that change, and the change for the Sleight of Hand check.

The loaner-lute stays in and the other (redundant) influence checks remain stock also. WRFan also put in checks for if the PC does not have a lute … that is

NPC: That’s the spirit, love. Have your lute ready?
PC: (has lute) Got one right here.
PC: (NOT has lute) Wait! I need a lute?
PC: (NOT has lute) Sorry. No lute.
PC: (NOT has lute) I’m more of a hautbois person, myself.

If PC chooses the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th node, he/she will be given a loaner lute. bzzaast

btw, ‘20c_has_lute’ is bugged. It checks for a Mandolin baseitem in PCSpeaker’s inventory but not if one is equipped.

So with the (NOT has lute) checks in place, the PC can’t lie about not having a lute and can’t get one for free. But that isn’t part of the original OC, which lets the player dissemble and get a free lute. Personally I would have done alignment check Chaotic …

not sure whether to leave it in or take it out.

The last WRFan change I see is uh… i guess that’s it.

So… any opinions about keeping the (NOT has lute) checks?


Agreed that Grobnar influence checks should remain stock except the 25,25 pair should be 25,20.
Sleight of Hand definitely must be fixed.
I don’t think you should put in the “not has lute” check, it should remains as in stock.

The last WRFan’s change is have gc_check_class to see if PC is a bard in order to pick Perform check dialogue options. That’s definitely not a bug fix.

I think you should start from stock and made only Grobnar and sleight of hand fix, to prevent the possibility of any other WRFan leftover.


okay. So changes will be

1. Sleight of Hand fixed
2. “25,20” influence check fixed

Thanks for the input, sanpats.



I found some bugs after putting in the fixes. I have no other mod, only tony ai and there are no duplicates.

Nevelle gives a quest to search a noble’s home - from the dialog you can only undertake it after being knighted or becoming a squire but I was able to complete it easily before making squire.

4 seasons statue - i went to the statue after finishing only the winter challenge and finished with it.The other seasons were declared complete.

Jornal does not update when Lord Nasher is saved.

Thats all I can remember.

However the Gairus nightwalker cutscene pans out nicely now.



That door should be locked and had been fixed from DC 18 to DC 99. Previous to this update, however, if the Temple had already been entered before the patch was installed, the fix didn’t run. So I moved the fix-block outside the other conditions and gave it its own check …

oh, if you have OpenLocks greater than ~79 you can still open that door. But as far as I’m aware, a character can have such a high OL skill only by cheating.

If you or anyone knows that a character can get such a high OL skill legitimately please let me know


what’s the name of the quest? my searches have proven fruitless …

Disturbing Connections


what’s the name of the quest? my searches have proven fruitless …

Is it this quest?

"Temar Estate/Blacklake District

After the Ember trial, you’ll receive a quest from Sir Nevalle (Exit E) to investigate a tailor named Larim, who was last seen in this estate. From the quest description, you might think that this would be a diplomatic quest, to subtly figure out Larim’s ties to Luskan and to Lord Temar, but when you enter the estate you won’t receive any real dialogue options, and the encounter will always turn into a battle. Afterwards, when you loot the bodies, you’ll find Bracers of Armor +4, a Mercykiller Blade, a Ring of Freedom of Movement, the short sword Breath of the Maiden, and a Ring of Regeneration. Then when you return to Sir Nevalle, you’ll receive 1500 xp."


Never mind I answered my own question.


sounds like it,

Disturbing Connections, tag “20_larimquest”

there are two possible resolutions. First the one i’ve implemented is checking to see that PC has finished The Trial (ie, has won the Trial by Combat vs Lorne) – this means that PC is a Squire in good standing with all allegations cleared. Nevalle should like that …

The Trial – tag “20_trial” EndPoint 30:

The other is simply to check if PC is a squire at all.

Murderer! – tag “20_squiring” EndPoint 40:

The problem is Nevalle’s dialog in 2000_Neverwinter – ‘20_nevalle’. There are three entry-nodes for Nevalle:

  1. checks if the Trial has started and its subnodes are about the PC’s upcoming trial only.
  2. no check (marked OncePerModule, starts the Disturbing Connections quest) [there needs to be a condition here]
  3. no check (PC can deliver the result of the Disturbing Connections quest to Nevalle if it’s been finished)

The dialog and character of Nevalle strike me as more consistent with the PC being a Squire in good standing, so I chose the first.


The description above, from gamebanshee, that I posted stated “After the Ember trial”, so it seems consistent with your conclusion.


I think if you want doors to stay locked you can make the door use a specific key, and resist all damage until the time is right to open it.

I remember doing that quest after handing over avral’s journal to nasher. Hrm i’ll playthru again later and see. You only get to run around blacklake after the trial right? The first visit you have someone take you to aldnon then the archives.

I find the evil ending really humorous, after killing everyone else they all get up and become raving mad with desire to destroy the whole world… even the paladin.


Oh right heres another I remember.

Commander Tann’s Men quest - get quest after rescuing Tann.

The dead one does not register when you enter the room 1st time. Clicking on it has no effect.

Have to leave and enter again to get it to register on the quest.

This also happens in the vanilla version. Just a slight inconvenience really.


I made another pull request at GitHub repo. Further modified Hlam dialog fix by Ninjaspectre to prevent the complications that may arise according to your note “[kL_note: That might make for some weirdness if subsequent scripts/dialogs think Khelgar actually is monk.]”.

“Modified the fix by NinjaSpectre, but change nkhelgarismonk=1 to nkhelgardecided=1 when he decided to stay as a fighter, to ensure compatibility with later dialogs that may think Khelgar is a monk when he stay as a fighter. In case that Khelgar decided to be a monk, I set both nkhelgarismonk and nkhelgardecide to 1. All condition checks in this dialog that check nkhelgarismonk was changed to check nkhelgardecided instead.”