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the chest and the chief are pre-placed in the toolset (ie. not scripted in) and both have a Symbol item preplaced in their inventories. So it’s unlikely that Tann’s status affects that …

There could be something in Tor’s dialog that affects the turn-in reward but from what I’ve seen so far it’s just a straightforward turn-in for quest-xp.

/anyway will see if i can break it with normal play :)

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Bug re Turn in Tor’s Holy Symbol

the dialog action script ga_take_item(string sItemTag, int nQuantity, int bAllPartyMembers) does not quite work as one would expect. The loop that handles bAllPartyMembers iterates over TruePCs only (in other words, it acts like bAllPCInParty).

Further, the given quantity nQuantity will attempt to be destroyed on each PC (ie. instead of being a total quantity it’s a per PC quantity).

The first results in the Holy Symbol not being destroyed if a companion is its possessor (as originally reported by @ahag).

It’s very tempting to change the behavior of ga_take_item … except that some (unknown) usages might rely on its current behavior. For now ill write a new script (that specifically destroy’s Tor’s Holy Symbol) and alter Tor’s dialog to invoke it …

/sheesh. Any opinions?

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Replace ga_take_item with ga_destroy_item.

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@travus Good idea. Or should the Symbol be given back to Tor and made pickpocketable? (Tor already has 50 gold and a potion of speed that are pickpocketable, but I could see his symbol being not pickpocketable since he might wear it around his neck or smthg).

Also, there appears to a be a module-level script was intended to take the symbol : a_take_symbol

but an internal search of the module’s temp directory says it’s not used

rewritten it for all party and i might go that way … ie. give Tor his symbol back w/ ActionTakeItem()

any opinions on the pickpocketable flag …?

Both instances of the symbol are not flagged pick-pocketable, and there are no scripts making it so. So, I’d just say don’t bother making it pick-pocketable - Just destroy it.

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i checked its flag (without setting it) … it’s pickable by default … at least after it transfers ownership …

/bit strange

I think pickable would be fine, if it is flagged that way.

Now I’m interested in seeing how much of a chance a PC or Neeshka would have to pick it.


well that’s why I’m not letting go of this quite so easily … it adds another dynamic to play (for what its worth :)

right now we have a tie … travus nay, axe yay …

I think that because the original script is to use ActionTakeItem() that lends a heavy weight in itself

I forget, is the good friar attackable, under any circumstances?

Likely not.

Got me thinking about droppable.

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the friar is plot, ought not attack or be attackable … (ai tends to prevent it)

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@travus I think im going to stick as close as possible to what the original OC intended (minus the apparent bug of possibly leaving the Symbol in the party’s inventory) – it’s the general policy of nwn2fixes: ga_take_item uses ActionTakeItem()

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Song of Requiem fix + EffectIcons.2da fix
Harvest Brawl workaround
Soundset fixes
Tor’s Holy Symbol turn-in fix

repo : GitHub - nwn2fixes/player: Fixes for the casual NwN2 player
- click the green Code button
- click Download ZIP
- unzip to documents/nwn2/override folder

- run a duplicate file checker on your /override folder and resolve any conflicts against other mods


Sorry I’m late but what happens on a pick pocket attempt if the thief is detected outside the Harvest Fair? If the answer is “nothing” I’m generally against making it an option. If there are no consequences either way, it feels more like an exploit than like role playing.

here’s Neeshka pickpocketing Tor →

Tor does not react to pickpocket attempts (successful or failed). Neeshka first steals all of Tor’s gold as well as his Potion of Speed. Then our hero turns in the Holy Symbol. Neeshka steals that too …

(note that Neeshka has 10 Sleight of Hand but when you see +30 in the chat that’s because i ran a console script to boost it +20)

I want to leave it as is for the following reason: The Holy Symbol can be turned in and then pickpocketed from Tor without any changes. That game mechanic does not change wrt/ Nwn2Fixes … the only thing my fix does is account for the fact that a companion could be holding the Symbol during Tor’s dialog, and Tor takes it (as he would from the PC) if so.

The bug is simply that his dialog will grant quest XP and imply that the symbol has been returned but the party still has it if it was in a companion’s inventory.


i don’t see it as an exploit, the item is just a trinket (nonmagical)

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IOW outside the scope of this particular project. Makes sense.
From my few attempts to use it, pickpocketing as a game mechanic seems to be non-functional unless a specific action has been scripted for the target NPC and only the Harvest Cup related quest events actually were.

I think you’re right there. I remember doing some rather extensive testing with pickpocket and although it does work, there was some hardcoded bugginess to it (can’t remember exactly) … (unfortunately)

Pickpocket works, but only in the harvest cup has it been correctly implemented on one NPC.

It’s the same as many games, some actions are possible but don’t make sense beceause no reactions have been set.

When I scripted BGR I made a function which turns all the “poeple around” hostile if you attack one.

After BGR for SOAR,
I made a check on inventory disturbed event to call that function in case the pickpocketing goes wrong.

In order to enable a global reaction on pickpocket, I made use of disturbed inventory event with pickpocked skill check. It can be a lot of work. Also NWN2 campaign may not be “bullet proof” enought, if you turn hostile NPC you may get stuck. But this wasn’t set in BGR, I made it after, it will comes to BGR if I finish the update to it.

In NWN2 OC only the tutorial, and the end are trully well done and shows what NWN2 is capable of. MOTB has a lot of awesome stuff and possibility but it’s shorter, clearly not the same budget.

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Funny, I was thinking about what happens during a failed attempt while I was running today, then I saw GCoyote’s post.

My rogues haven’t really used the pickpocket skill, I think a companion may have pickpocketed a merchant? (Maybe that was on Tamriel, where pickpocketing was the name of the game :slight_smile: )

Anyway, I don’t think it matters much, but maybe the NPC could be flagged non-pickable after a failed attempt, or a grossly failed attempt. Of course, this wouldn’t be consistent with the original release.

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So, I finally had time to jump into the game, without the holy symbol fix.

I’m good with nothing happening on a failed pickpocketing attempt, due to that’s the way the game came.

The PC returned from the Bandit Camp and spoke to Tor Millows. The PC didn’t give the holy symbol.

Next, Neeshka made a successfull pickpocket attempt, acquiring 23 GP (13+10=23 vs. DC 20).
“You stole 23 GP from Tor Millows”

Next, the PC recontacted the friar and gave the holy symbol, which was taken from the PC’s inventory.

Neeshka made a second successful pickpocket attempt on the friar (18+10=28 vs. DC 20), acquiring the Potion of Speed.

Neeshka’s third pickpocket attempt was detected (3+10=13 vs. DC 20). Not the friar, nor anyone else, became upset about it.

Neeshka’s fourth pickpocket attempt was successful (17+10=27 vs. DC 20), acquiring Tor’s Holy Symbol.

Attemps 5 and 6 resulted in acquiring 28GP and 19GP.

Successful attempt 7 resulted in “Target has no items or gold”

Due to the fact the game designers didn’t code in a reaction to a grossly failed pickpocket attempt, and the fact that Tor’s Holy Symbol doesn’t have any magical properties, I don’t see a problem with leaving the symbol pickpocket-able.

I am with GCoyote on the thought that the designers missed a rp opportunity. If nothing else, the prices at Tor Millows’ shop should have increased by >20% on a detected pickpocket attempt.


re. Tor’s Holy Symbol … found another one …